Marcus Foligno nabs Gordie Howe hat trick as Wild pummel Sharks

2021-02-23 01:08:35 –

In many respects, Wildwinger Marcus Foligno beat Sharks defense Nikolaiknizov in the epitome of Monday’s match at SAP Center.

The only difference was that Foligno gracefully called for a fight with Kunizov after the blood was drawn, while Wild poured salt into the wound on the way to the shark’s 6-2 route.

Sudden Wild has won three games in a row for the first time this season and is steadily rising in the West Coast category. Perhaps more importantly, Wild is gaining production from above and below the lineup and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

See the game statistics sheet for Monday. It had a little bit of everything.

Not only did Foligno score, assist, and fight Gordie Howe’s hat-trick, Mats Zuccarello continued to impress the four-point night, and Victor Rusk chipped in with his own three points. If that wasn’t enough, rookie sensation Kirill Kaprizov scored a goal and Wild turned to power play for two consecutive games.

“I think the group is confident,” said Dean Evason. “If you can score goals and defend, you will be happy with yourself.”

It was in the second series of games that Wild got tremendous production from the Kaprizov-Rusk-Zuccarello line. They have a total of 14 points in that span. That said, it’s more than the Kaprizov-Rusk-Zuccarello line for the wild so far.

“Currently, there are four routes,” Zuccarello said. “Every night it’s a different line. That’s good for the team. It’s dangerous when there’s a different line running every night. It’s good to see.”

It was a disastrous start as Brent Burns surprised the previous team by scoring a goal 45 seconds after the contest, as Wild was dominant throughout the game. It went 1-0 in favor of sharks before most players on the bench even got a chance to jump over the board.

Fortunately, they rushed back in the second half of the first period. Zuccarello’s nifty goal scored 1-1, and Kaprizov’s tap-in goal scored 2-1 just 11 seconds later.

It put Wild in the driver’s seat and they never looked back.

Even when Heck, Kunizov was tired of dropping gloves and moving sharks later in the first period, Foligno quickly ended the fight with several haymakers. He actually stopped throwing punches at some point and called a lineman, so he didn’t do any more damage.

“I caught him with the first one, and the second one made him bloody,” Foligno said. “I know he’s a young kid, and probably didn’t know the fighting side of it. I just thought it was enough.”

This helped Wilde make good progress towards the second period, and Ian Cole increased his lead to 3-1 with a rising shot that defeated goalkeeper Martin Jones. Foligno then completed a Gordie Howe hat-trick in the second half of the second period after gaining an assist with a call goal, 4-1 with a flutter shot.

“Tonight, all of our lines are over,” said Foligno, who played with Ryan Hartman on the other side of the Zack Parise. “We played more. I played more to help those people. Tonight’s pack made me feel a little better.”

The goal effectively chased Jones from the crease, and Logan Couture helped the shark reduce the deficit to 4-2 in the second half of the second period, but Wild hoped for a comeback with Jonas Brodin’s goal. I crushed it to 5-2.

This started a third period in which Wild continued to dominate play before Rask added an empty net goal and scored 6-2.

“It’s good to pull a little apart,” Foligno said. “I thought we played great, but now we’re clicking. It feels good to score for now. That’s what we have to keep going.”

Marcus Foligno nabs Gordie Howe hat trick as Wild pummel Sharks Source link Marcus Foligno nabs Gordie Howe hat trick as Wild pummel Sharks

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