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The “someone is lying” journey will continue until October 14th. HL talked exclusively with Marianne Lee Tehada about the connection between Bronwyn and Nate, where Bronwyn’s heart really is, and more.

Bronwin Rojas is a perfect student, but even she doesn’t understand where this Simon mystery is heading.The next three episodes of One of us is lying Dropping October 14th on Peacock, Shaw continues to explore the secrets Bronwin was trying to hide while trying to resolve Simon’s murder.

Marianne Tejada Speaked exclusively Hollywood Life When it comes to Latino expression on television, about the importance of her personality.Of course we had to talk The growing bond between Nate and Bronwin And why are book fans so invested in their relationships? Please read the following Q & A.

Marian Lee Tehada and Cooper van Grutel as Bronwyn and Nate. (peacock)

What really attracted you about Bronwin?
Marianne Tejada: The first thing I read was the pilot before reading the book. I didn’t know much about Karen’s books until the project started. I remember reading the pilot after that. The relationship between Bronwin and Nate was very special. That’s because I auditioned. Also, as a Latino actor in business, it’s great to see such complex and important characters in the story. Not only does she solve the murder mystery, but I think she and Mave are the incredible Latin characters you’ve found in shows and books. That was the first time, and then as soon as I knew I had that part … I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t want to read the book until then. I was already really attached to the project based on what I knew. I ran out of the casting office and read a book. Karen has done a great job of writing complex humans, so it may be considered the archetype of high school, but there’s more to it than you can see. .. And expanding Bronwin was an artist-like joy and surprise.

What was your first impression of Cooper van Grutel? The dynamics of Bronwin and Nate are very important for the entire show to work.
Marianne Tejada: It’s really interesting because I knew he was cast. When I heard I was doing a screen test for that role, I started google to find out about this actor. I think I found it on YouTube like a really old interview, and I ah, my god, he seemed so perfect for that role. I think he actually sent a text message to me and the other actors who were planning to do a screen test on Bronwin. He says, “I just want to let you know that I’m really excited.” I think he sent the best message the day before, but I think I should send him a text message like “Get coffee or something”. You can see what he is doing and it could help us. I think he was busy, but surely the next day I appeared in the casting office and he was there early. I had a little time to talk. To be honest, it immediately felt a friendship.I think I’m a casting director Guile Pills Berry When Jennifer Morrison And the producers involved in the casting process were great throughout the show, especially just the pairing between Cooper and me. It was honestly easy and so natural that everything else feels so easy from that point on. We enjoyed the reading so much, and since then it has been the same.

By the end of the story, it’s great to see you get along with the atmosphere as well as the characters. This is very important for such projects that rely on these four core members.
Marianne Tejada: Sure, and I think that’s one of the most special things about this show is that we’re really real-life friends and their chemistry … to an actor as great as you, you There is only chemistry and liking that you must have with your fellow actors. When it is there, it cannot be denied. I think people really intend to pick it up at the show.

This is eight episodes to the book, but now that you’ve had much more time with Bronwin, what can you say about exploring more with Bronwin?
Marianne Tejada: I think there is a delicate balance in which the writer left the essence of the book in the show and went brilliantly. Also, for plots and characters, there are a few twists and new ones in the plot. I don’t think I can go into too much detail as it may be annoying, but I’m very excited to see the many friendships and tips at the show that may not be in the book. Books, but now you can really see more of them.

With Nate and Bronwin, we can spend a little more time with them. Will fans be happy to see this relationship depicted on the screen?
Marianne Tejada: To be honest, it’s hard not to expect people, but I’m confident in what I’ve seen in the shows so far, and I’m very happy. I think they will be happy.

Why do you think people are so attracted to the dynamics between them?
Marianne Tejada: Thank you for that question as it is one of my favorite questions. When I think more about her process and the scripts we got, I think Bronwin and Nate are very strong people. This is a show where nerds have some suspension and strength. She is not shy about it. Nate is also a very strong individual because she owns it because she knows it is her strength and she does not intend to offend her about it to anyone. You are very attracted to each other because they are so opposed, but after this very traumatic event they experienced together, they are vulnerable to each other and to overcome this crazy mess. Find a space in which you can strengthen each other, that is their life after Simon’s death. I think they are very protective of each other. It’s very fascinating to see two people caring for each other in a very sincere and profound way.

Even from the beginning, there is a unique trust between them, which really lasts at the end of the day. They both know that in the end the other did not do it.
Marianne Tejada: Nate had a record with the police before, so I think it’s especially Bronwin. He is a troubled character. She knows that if she doesn’t go long to protect him, he can really be in trouble.

Marianne Tejada
Marian Lee Tehada and Melissa Collazo as Bronwyn and Maeve. (peacock)

Another central aspect of Bronwin is his relationship with his sister Maeve. Can we dig deeper into that relationship?
Marianne Tejada: one hundred percent.I absolutely love Melissa Collazo, The person who plays my sister. She is a great actor and has given me a lot. I think some of my favorite scenes at the show were probably with her just because they have so sister-like dynamics. Mave is also very strong at this show. She has her own personality and her own life and I’m really looking forward to seeing people as well. There are also some fiery things between them.

What was it like to work with Bronwin to explore the pressure of high school girls, especially the pressure of color and the expectation of becoming the top of the class?
Marianne Tejada: I think what I like most about exploring those things is that you have her parents who are immigrants. They had to work really, really hard to succeed, and they are successful. Therefore, the fact that they have reached a certain level of success makes Bronwin, the daughter of two successful immigrants, just work hard and go far beyond what they have done and achieved. There is pressure. And there is the side of Maeve who has relieved from cancer and overcame the terminal illness. I think Bronwin’s heart is definitely Maeve. Many of her strengths are due to Maeve’s overcoming cancer. She is like literally doing whatever I have decided to do. She is the strongest person in my life. What can I not do if she does it? But then I think she can really do it all, and that’s where trouble begins and small cracks begin to appear because she’s not perfect, and she’s okay to ask for help You should know. You don’t have to be with me all the time. She really takes her sister’s role very seriously and proves to her parents that she can inherit the legacy of LOHAS.

Marianne Lee Tehada on Bronwyn & Nate-Hollywood Life

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