Marine Drive

Marine Drive

                                    Marine Drive

The capital city of Maharashtra and also the biggest city in India, Mumbai is home to several tourist destinations. Popularly known as the city of dreams, this city situated on the west coast of India is one of the most scenic locations in the country.

Mumbai is also known as the city of seven islands as is houses seven islands. So, the city has some famous beaches and the city sports various tourist attraction along the coast of the Arabian Sea. One such place is the famous Marine Drive. It provides a spectacular view of the sea.

About Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a long arc shaped boulevard along the south Mumbai coast. It starts from the southern end of the Nariman point and ends at the Chowpatty beach. It is one of the most famous leisurely resorts for the people residing in the city of Mumbai and an iconic tourist attraction for travelers and tourists.

What to do when at Marine Drive

Marine Drive looks panoramic at sunset and sunrise. One can finds flocks of people during this time of the day. During sunset the sight of the sea and the sky mingling with one another makes one appreciate the beauty of nature. The crimson red colour of the sun early in the morning is also a fair sight.

Marine Drive is also known as the queen’s necklace because at night this place gets lighted up with lights which gives the impression of a huge necklace. The shape and yellow street lights account’s for a beautiful necklace.

People come here for morning walks along with their friends and pets. The huge and lively Mumbai city looks calm and peaceful at this time. One can enjoy fresh air and the cool sea breeze when in here.

Evenings are also jammed with visitors. People come here to sit, chat and stroll in the evening beauty of this place. Marine drive is also one of the most popular romantic destinations in Mumbai.

One can even visit this place at night and take a leisurely stroll by the sea with their loved ones.

In addition to this Marine Drive is flooded with several food options. One can find many roadside stalls in here. One gets to experience the beauty of street food when in here. Food stalls as well as tea stalls are present has throughout the day and night. So, one gets an opportunity to sway in the awesomeness of this place and also revitalize oneself by grabbing a snack.

Marine Drive is a go to destination for youngsters. They come in groups and chill by the sea while chatting with their friends.

Marine Drive is also a wonderful photography spot.

A Tourist’s Guide

Marine Drive is located in the heart of the city of Mumbai. One can easily find public transport like cab, auto and bus facility to reach this place. The nearest bus stop from Marine Drive is Kochi bus stop. The nearest railway station from Marine Drive is Churchgate Railway Station. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is at a distance of 29 km from here. If in search of accommodation facility nearby this area then it’s not much of a big deal. One can find an abundance of hotels and booking rooms can be done both online and offline.

A very scenic picture of the famous Marine Drive is visible after sunset. This entire area is lighted up. The striking feature of this place is that on one side one will find the land and on the other the beautiful Arabian Sea and that too in the very heart of a busy city. The sight of the moonlight falling on the waters of the sea is spectacular. Sitting here by the sea is like therapy. One forgets one’s worries and troubles while watching the splashing waves. Marine Drive is like a jolly little escape from one’s busy life.

Vaagisha Singh

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