Marines behind the virus TikTok describe sexual assault while authorities are preparing for an investigative commission

In an emotional TikTok video last week, a Marine Corps sergeant claimed that fellow sergeants she said admitted to sexual misconduct were allowed to stay in the army. She shared new details about her experience in a statement exclusively obtained by CBS News.

“During the deployment in October 2019, I reported to my colleagues about sexual misconduct,” a Marine who identified himself only as Darina said in a statement. “I had evidence and witnesses. That same night, my command confronted the Marines and admitted what he had done. The next morning, the same Marines while I was hiding in my room. Was still a platoon sergeant and was embarrassed about what happened. “”

She says her perpetrators also served as a position established by the military to assist victim defenders, especially victims of sexual assault and harassment.

The Marines mentioned earlier in the Viral TikTok video explaining allegations of her sexual assault have a website that asks others to share their stories.

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Darina said she was said to be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after testifying at a hearing in December last year to determine whether the alleged perpetrator would be unknowingly expelled from the military. It was. Then last week she was informed that the commander had decided to retain the Marines she said she had received a military protection order.

In a Viral TikTok video posted last Thursday, Darina said, “This is exactly … that’s why women in the army commit suicide.”

In response to the deleted TikTok video, the Marines wrote in a statement Friday, “The Marines in the video were safe and were given the opportunity to meet with senior representatives under her command.”

Marines confirmed on Tuesday On twitter Accusations of sexual misconduct against Darina’s perpetrators have been substantiated. Marines were found guilty, subject to non-judicial punishment, downgraded, and disqualified. “The final steps in the administrative separation process are underway,” the statement said.

For more than a decade, the Pentagon has vowed to eradicate sexual assault from its class, yet claims are increasing.these days CBS News Survey on Military Sexual Assault The latest military investigation states that more than 20,000 active duty soldiers have been assaulted within the last 12 months, revealing that nearly 8,000 official reports of sexual assault were submitted in 2019. I did. At the same time, the number of cases going to court martial is decreasing. Of the 7,825 reports of sexual assault in 2019, only 363 were tried.

Norah O’Donnell’s Report: Sexual Assault …


Nearly 20 victims of sexual assault from all departments of the service Explained their experience They told CBS News that they had been retaliated for reporting the assault while their perpetrators were not punished or received only administrative action. According to the latest military anonymous survey, 64% of women who reported sexual assault said they had experienced retaliation. Darina said she did so too.

“There’s a lot of false information you’ll hear because you can’t trust me,” Darina wrote. “This directly reflects what happens when a service member announces a story.”

Colonel Don Kristensen, a former U.S. Air Force prosecutor and now president of the nonprofit Protect, said, “The military did not take the crisis of non-consensual sex crimes that plagued the military seriously. Revealed again. ” Our defender. “Like too many survivors, she witnessed her boss coming to the criminal’s defense. They retaliated against her rather than supporting her.”

At a press conference on Friday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called the video “very disturbing.”

Following the CBS News survey, with the White House Pentagon promised action.. President Joe Biden ordered a 90-day committee to pursue a solution to sexual assault in the military, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told military leaders plans and practices regarding the handling of sexual assault. Requested a review. The results of these efforts, which may include guidance on whether to remove the commander’s authority over sexual assault and harassment cases, have not been announced, but details about the 90-day committee are expected by the weekend. ing.

“I have experienced military sexual trauma throughout my work,” writes Darina. “I have connected with thousands of men and women who have dealt with post-traumatic stress syndrome caused by military sexual trauma and sexual assault and harassment. I am not one of a million stories. . “

Darina has announced that other service members who have experienced sexual assault and harassment can share their stories on her forums.

The Marine Corps states that it takes all allegations of prohibited acts and activities seriously.

Military or civilians who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by members of the U.S. military Protect our defenders..

DOD Safe Helpline is a hotline dedicated to members of the DOD community affected by sexual assault. Safe Helpline provides 24/7 support online, completely anonymous and confidential. Or call 877-995-5247.

Marines behind the virus TikTok describe sexual assault while authorities are preparing for an investigative commission

Source link Marines behind the virus TikTok describe sexual assault while authorities are preparing for an investigative commission

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