Marion police release body cam footage from deadly officer-involved shooting – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2022-05-06 18:06:31 –

Marion, South Carolina (WBTW) — Marion Police footage from body camera A shooting involving a deadly officer that took place early Thursday morning.

“South Carolina law exempts the city from producing body camera footage of officers in accordance with FOIA, but the city continues to strive to be completely transparent with Marion’s citizens and the general public. “The city clerk, Lakesha Shannon, said in an email. “Therefore, we have made available body camera footage from the two police officers involved in this week’s shooting. The city has everybody with accurate pictures of the events surrounding the tragic situation. I want. “

According to Chiefney Flowers, the shooting took place around 4 am in the East Liberty Street and Main Street areas.

According to Mayor Ashley Brady, police officers were on patrol after seeing a “turbulence” between the two.

The murdered man was identified as Prince Girly. Undesignated officers were released from the hospital on Thursday.

The video depicts a policeman raising his voice as he approaches the scene. It then shows a man swaying towards a policeman with an object in his hand before the ammunition is fired.

In another video, one officer said he saw Prince Girly chasing his mother, and said Prince Girly said he would “ruin me.” The policeman said the man had a knife and told him to drop it. Prince Girly then appears to rush to the officer shooting him. Then the policeman said, “He got me in his head.”

Prince Girly’s mother, Ruth Girly, denies her being chased.

She told News 13 Thursday that she and her son were outside when law enforcement approached. She told the police to leave, but she said her son was engaged to them and they were out of sight.

After hearing the shooting, Ruth Girly said he saw his son suffer a gunshot wound in his stomach and a policeman with a knife on his forehead lying on the ground.

“That is, in my stomach,” she said. “Very young. Poor prince, just lying down, I’m his mom, but I can’t do anything.”

Ruth Girly said her son died on his way to the hospital.

“He was shivering and lying on the ground. I said,’You shot my son,'” she said. “I never thought the policeman was trying to kill my baby.”

Following the Protocol, the case was transferred from Marion Police to South Carolina Law Enforcement.

News13 has decided not to display the full video because of its graphic content.

Marion police release body cam footage from deadly officer-involved shooting Source link Marion police release body cam footage from deadly officer-involved shooting

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