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Mark Ballard: Hate-filled pressure on legislators doomed veto override session for GOP | Mark Ballard – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-07-24 19:00:00 –

Angry Louisiana conservatives are looking for reasons for losing a two-day veto override session last week that failed to overcome a single bill rejected by Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

It was the second day that Louisiana House voted two votes, shy to overturn the governor’s veto on the transgender sports bill, which was one of the main reasons Republicans convened a historic meeting. There are also people.

But the real decisive moment is that Marello’s conservative Republican senator Patrick Connick revoke the denial of measures banning male-born transgender athletes from attending women’s sporting events. It was the day before I got a seat in the Senate right after I voted to do it. When the senator turned his attention to Conic, the usual side-conversation growls subsided.

He says he will change the vote in favor of a bill that allows adults to carry hidden weapons without permission, and thus without training, for rebels received through social media, internet blogs, and email vandalism. I relayed about his decision.

On Monday, Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayer made a bold prediction: he would be “100% comfortable” and vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives …

“Pure hatred. I read one of the texts I received,” Conic took out his smartphone and said. “‘F-You and your ugly ass baby, constitutional carry is important’, in a photo of my grandson. I have to stop this. It’s our people and we Republicans. Not. We are not Democrats. We are not transgender. It is our people, men. We will divide our homes and collapse. “

Mr Conick said he had been persuaded by law enforcement agencies in his district to plead with him to grant Edwards veto since he voted to allow hidden carrying during regular sessions. Police officers argued that widespread concealment carrying, especially by untrained personnel, could jeopardize public safety.

Conic was targeted nationwide ammoland news blog For selling his vote in exchange for funding the Roosevelt Overpass project. Conic said he had not received a promise from the Governor’s Office in return for his position, except that there were no such projects in the parish districts of Jefferson and Plaquemins on the west bank of the Jordan River, or anywhere in the state. rice field.

“Still, it has appeared in the national media across the country. I am full of hatred and pure hatred,” Conic said.

Conic concludes his Senate speech by saying: “I will not vote for this bill, nor will I vote for any other bill that invalidates the governor’s veto. Thank you.”

When the legislators reunited on Tuesday, there weren’t many masks on their faces. This time I tried to revoke some of the famous vetoes by the government …

That is, they would not pass, regardless of the governor’s vote for other veto rights.

The Senate requires 26 votes to revoke the governor’s veto. Senator Ronnie Johns was at home in Lake Charles under the orders of a doctor recovering from a major orthopedic surgery. The Republican majority in the Senate has dropped to 26.

“Hundreds of email, phone messages, and social media posts were also targeted. Many were ugly, warlike, and threatening. Family members experience this on Thursday, Johns said. It’s difficult. “

Without both Johns and Conick, the Senate would have to agree to two-thirds of the House’s representatives before the rejected bill would become a law over the governor’s opposition. I was shy of the Republican Party.

All other efforts to overcome the Governor’s veto law, which began in the Senate, including the hidden carry measure, have been defeated.

The House did not even take up the veto bill that began in their room before voting for a transgender sports override passed in the Senate. And when the person ran out of two votes, Republicans met for about two hours before deciding to postpone and go home.

The Louisiana people, especially the larger New Orleans, fought the bullets when the House Republicans couldn’t overturn Governor John Bel Edwards …

The House of Representatives agenda hopes that election-related vaccine repellents, such as hidden carry and transgender sports, will re-engage at the Republican base, which has since become lethargic, at least nationally. Was pushed into the state legislature. An attack on the US Capitol on January 6 by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.

Conic said in an interview Thursday that he believed his legislative colleagues believed in the problems they were pursuing. “But basically, these bills were just to stir up emotions and push those emotional buttons. We need to get together and get rid of that part.”

Mark Ballard: Hate-filled pressure on legislators doomed veto override session for GOP | Mark Ballard Source link Mark Ballard: Hate-filled pressure on legislators doomed veto override session for GOP | Mark Ballard

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