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Mark Ballard: Why the Louisiana House considers patently unconstitutional bills | Mark Ballard – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-05-14 19:00:00 –

Approximately an hour after reviewing the US Supreme Court’s ruling that the bill was unconstitutional last week, the Louisiana House of Representatives’ Republican majority on criminal judicial administration proceeded with legislation for a full House vote.

It was the second time in a few weeks that the Commission approved a bill that it knew was directed at an unconstitutional scrap heap.It was my first time House Building 813: Indicting a woman who has finished her pregnancy for murder. News of progress in measures from the Commission has received worldwide attention, usually accompanied by comments on the retreat of Louisiana.

“The Commission was more balanced the previous year,” said R-Mandeville Rep. Richard Nelson, and this year Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayer, R-Gonzalez, is a very conservative Republican panel. Said that it was filled up. “I used to vote for swings, but now I’m usually the loser,” he added.

The second committee, which some lobbyists call the “Misfit Toy Island,” violated a law prohibiting adult criminals from carrying firearms to two convicted felony. Was to include a juvenile criminal judgment in the process of determining. .. Penalties are 5 to 20 years in prison.

Republican Senator Burrow Peacock of Boger City gave banner newspaper headlines from Baton Rouge and Shreveport about young people shot dead by other young people. According to Peacock, law enforcement agencies have suggested that banning firearms for boys up to the age of 25, who were ruled for crimes including guns, is one way to delay the genocide. The Senate approved the idea 35-0. Senate Bill 379 It may be finally approved and sent to the Governor by the House of Representatives later this week.

The problem should be focused on rehabilitation, and no one needs to check “yes” in the felony conviction box at work or other applications because of stupid behavior as a child. Is to do so. The boy is judged by a judge, not a jury. The adult is convicted after being convicted beyond reasonable doubt by his fellow jury.

Conservatives led a 2000 US Supreme Court majority vote that the juveniles’ decisions were not available to adults because the boys were not convicted.

The 2004 Louisiana Supreme Court banned the use of juvenile judgments to strengthen the judgment as an addict. This is much like how SB379 achieves that goal.

Legislators have removed some of the bills that could send women to jail for abortion or false contraception …

“We’re spinning around about this. We’re wasting money and frankly think it’s stupid as a state,” said the Louisiana Criminal Attorneys Association and the Louisiana Justice. New Orleans lawyer Megan Garvey, who gave the testimony of the Responsibility Center, said.

R-Prairieville Rep. Tony Baccarat replied: Let them decide if they agree with the political will. He said the rules of the House of Representatives would allow legislators to pass the law and have the court decide on constitutionality.

Garvey planted a face in her hand.

Gretna’s non-party lawmaker Joe Marino, who was newly established as chairman, pointed out that the house rules were written when the problem was still in the air. In this case it wasn’t.

The same is true for the HB813. It criminalized women who tried to end their pregnancy or used false contraception because the murder had no statute of limitations. Beyond these attributes, as originally written, the bill allowed the state to ignore the US Supreme Court’s ruling, which some found unfavorable. Marino pointed out that he opposed the separation of powers clause set by the founder of the country in the US Constitution.

“We cannot order the court to rule on future unconstitutional acts,” said Shreveport Republican Alan Seabaugh. Their record goes into next year’s campaign.

Seebo, a member of the Criminal Justice Commission, resolved to proceed with both unconstitutional bills. Regarding the HB813, he told his colleague, “If we were working on the committee, we could have fixed it on the committee and could have avoided this. So we want to apologize. I think. “

Marino, the criminal justice chairman who led the opposition who was defeated in advancing both bills, did not comment. But after Seabaugh’s mea culpa, he wants to move his finger towards the question button on the desk in his room to ask, “Did you say that?” I could almost feel.

Mark Ballard: Why the Louisiana House considers patently unconstitutional bills | Mark Ballard Source link Mark Ballard: Why the Louisiana House considers patently unconstitutional bills | Mark Ballard

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