Mark Meadows is likely to look down on Congress’s decision this week – Schiff | US Capitol Attack

The House Election Commission, which is investigating the parliamentary attack, is likely to make a decision this week on whether to sue Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s last White House Chief of Staff, for contempt of Congress. Panel members said.

“I think we will probably make a decision this week about our course of action with that particular Witness and perhaps other Witnesses.” Adam schiffA Democrat in California and chairman of the House Intelligence Commission told CNN’s federal state.

Schiff is also concerned about the Justice Department as he is perceived not interested in investigating Trump’s own actions, such as asking Georgia officials to “find” a vote to overturn Joe Biden’s defeat. He said he was doing it.

The January 6 committee is investigating an attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters who said the then president would “fight like hell” to overturn the defeat.

Trump was impeached with support from 10 House Republican However, when only seven Republican Senators went into exile, he was acquitted in his Senate trial. The election committee includes only two Republicans, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, who broke up with Trump on January 6.

“We tried to make the former president accountable through impeachment,” Schiff said. “It’s a bailout we have in Congress. We are now trying to reveal the full facts of the former president’s misconduct and the people around him.”

When asked about Meadows, Schiff said:

“But we are working openly with those who interfere with the Commission, in the case of Mr. Bannon, in the case of Mr. Meadows and Mr. Clark or others.”

Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign chairman and White House Chief Strategist, said Acquitted First pursued by Congress and the Department of Justice for criminal insult Since 1982..Facing fines and prison time in Banon Thursday Submission Request to publish all documents in his case.

Like Banon and Meadows, Jeffrey ClarkA former Ministry of Justice employee, refused to cooperate with the House Committee. Trump and his ally lawyers claimed executive privilege to handle the confidentiality of communication between the president and his aides. Many experts say that executive privilege does not apply to the former president. The Biden White House has abandoned it.

“Witnesses vary from witness to witness,” says Schiff. “But as a committee, and with legal advisors, we discuss what are the appropriate steps for Americans to get information reliably. We bring the general public with us. We will come back and hold another hearing soon to show in real time what we are learning, but we will make these decisions soon. “

Mr Schiff said he could not “enter the evidence we gathered” about Trump’s role in the January 6 incident. Hanging.

“I think it’s among the most important questions we’re investigating,” Schiff said. “It’s the full role of the former president.

“That is, what did he know in advance about the tendency of violence that day? Was this essentially a backup plan for failure? [election] National proceedings? Was this what you expected? Whether the funder knows what is likely to happen that day and how was it funded? And since his own Vice President was threatened, what was the president’s reaction when the attack was taking place?

“I think the widest range of unknowns surrounds the former president, and we are determined to get an answer.”

Schiff was also asked about suggestions including: Federal Judge Amit Mefta He oversees a proceeding against the Capitol riots (nearly 700 of which have been prosecuted) that Trump may appear to be unhooked by the Department of Justice.

Mr. Schiff said: Find 11,780 votes that do not exist. This is the exact number needed to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

“If you or I answer the phone and report that we are under investigation, I think [or] Prosecution for criminal efforts to deceive Georgian and national people.

“So I’m particularly worried.”

Mark Meadows is likely to look down on Congress’s decision this week – Schiff | US Capitol Attack

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