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Marlboro County, South Carolina (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Operates the station a week after FOX 46 confirms the South Carolina Supreme Court’s investigation of the Marlboro County Prosecutor’s Office without warning or public statement. The judge is the center of the investigation.

The Disciplinary Advisory Board, known as the ODS, has submitted at least one subpoena to the Venetian Police Department seeking records related to Mark Heath’s Deputy Prosecutor Judge Tammy Brock. The subpoena arrived within a day of our “final contempt” investigation into the criminal accusation against Brock.

The ODC is the investigative division of the State Supreme Court, which investigates allegations of illegal activity involving state judges and lawyers.

The letter, dated October 18, 2021, indicates that Marlborough County Prosecutor Mark Heath has requested that Hollis Slade be removed from the real estate proceedings. Heath’s request comes two weeks after our “final contempt” investigation, and three days after Slade’s real estate requests a change of location. (Source: Marlboro County Probate Court)

Marlborough County prosecutor Mark Heath presided over Hollis Slade’s real estate more than eight months after the family opened the property and two weeks after the “final contempt” survey aired on October 5. Requested to be removed from.

The FOX 46 investigation knew Heath’s allegations against Brock almost a week before Slade’s property was submitted, and about two months before Heath took office as his deputy prosecutor. Evidence was included.

Heath sent a letter to Jordan Kemarin, a woman identified in the letter as the “Representative of the Probate Court” of the SC Court Administration. The date of the letter is October 18, 2021.

“By copying this letter, I advise all stakeholders that I have to ask. [sic] Reject yourself from the above name [sic] Estate. They will be further advised by your office assigned to this case, “said a letter signed by Heath.

Marlboro County Prosecutor’s Judge Mark Heath has requested the South Carolina Supreme Court to send a Hollis Slade real estate proceeding to another Marlboro County Prosecutor’s Office. Slade’s estate demanded a change of venue, and three days later Heath filed a repellent to the South Carolina Supreme Court. (WJZY Photo / Stewart Pitman)

According to the letter, the “above” real estate is Hollis Slade’s real estate.

On October 15, three days before Heath decided to resign, Slade’s real estate attorney Charles Ipoch said he was in the courtroom on the grounds of a “potential conflict of interest” within the Marlboro County Prosecutor’s Office. Submitted a petition for change. Slade Estate. Filing called on the Darlington County Prosecutor’s Court, presided over by Marvin Lawson, to move Slade’s estate.

Lawson did not return the call for comment.

Heath did not rule a motion demanding the transfer of the case. Instead, three days later, Heath requested the South Carolina Supreme Court to allow him to be excluded from the case.

FOX 46 asked Heath to interview him about his decision to resign himself. “No comments,” Heath told FOX46’s senior researcher Jody Barr on Tuesday through a plexiglass window in his courthouse office.

Records submitted to the Marlboro County Probate Court’s Hollis Slade real estate folder show that Heath’s letter was sent to Colombia by prestigious mail on October 18. A form titled “Certificate of Delivery” showing when Heath sent a letter to Colombia has been signed by Tammy, Heath’s Deputy Judge, Brock.

Charles Ipock, a real estate attorney at Hollis Slade, wants to remove the case from Marlboro County and reassign it to the (pictured) court of Darlington County Testimony Judge Marvin Lawson in the county next to Marlboro County. (Source: Darlington County)

Brock is a deputy prosecutor for Slade’s family who was accused of impersonating a civil servant the day after Slade’s death in January. A security camera outside Slade’s house tells others that Brock gathered at the house that she is a “will probate judge” when Slade’s family arrives at Slade’s house later that night. I took a record saying that.

Slade’s oldest brother, Beth Bowling, told FOX46 that after the women greeted each other, Brock first told her that she was a prosecutor in Marlboro County.

There is absolutely one of the first things she tells me at the end of the driveway before we start walking on the driveway. She introduces herself and says I’m a will probate judge, “Boring told Barr in an August 2021 interview at her home in Indiana.

“So, in that clip, she says,’Tell her if you need it.’ But it wasn’t. I know I tell them I still need to say it. She said it right away because she wasn’t producing anything that was … I thought it was okay, that’s one of the answers to the 1,000 questions I have right now Probate Court The court is a friend of my brother and will be done correctly by my brother. “

Slade’s camera also captures the conversation between Brock and the group, sees the Deputy Judge and others ranting at Slade’s house, looking for Slade’s will in the house, and Slade’s. Discussed withholding financial information collected at home from family members.

The recording also showed that a man named Will Adams would call Todd Hardy, a coroner in Darlington County, to obtain Slade’s body. Hardy called Bar and Adams claimed that Slade had no surviving family to claim the man’s body.

This still image was taken from a video recorded on January 23, 2021 within hours of Hollis Slade’s death, with Will Adams (right) as Charlotte Green (center) and Matthew Tomlinson (center). Left) shows that he knows someone who is working with Verizon. You can unlock your Slade phone. (Source: Hollis Slade Estate)

Slade’s 40-year-old wife, Joyce, was in the house while Brock and others were wandering around the house.

The audio recorded in one video clip showed that Adams, Charlotte Green, and Mathute Murinson were discussing the fact that Slade had no intention at the time of his death. Adams told the group that there might be a way to unlock Slade’s cell phone.

Heath has been aware of Brock’s criminal accusations since at least January 29, when Slade’s neighbor Bobby Norris spoke to Heath on the phone and informed him of his allegations against Brock. Norris confirmed the call by creating a call log and a January 29 text message between himself and Judge Heath.

“Maybe Bobby Norris didn’t call you in January and talked to you on January 29,” Barr asked Heath in an interview outside the courthouse on September 1.

FOX 46’s question was related to a perceived conflict of interest in light of Slade’s allegations of real estate blocks. As Deputy Judge, Brock has the authority to sign orders and make judicial decisions in the absence of Heath. However, Brock did not take the oath of office until March 15, almost two months after Slade’s property was opened.

Slade’s property file shows that Brock processed the payment that Boring paid to open his brother’s property at the Marlborough County Probate Court on February 5, 2021. The user appears as “Tammy” on the court receipt.

The order, filed on February 17, to appoint Beth Boring as a personal representative of her brother’s property, began with Tammy Brock’s “TB” in the signature line, engraved with Judge Mark Heath’s name. It was like. Brock had not been sworn in as the county’s Deputy Prosecutor’s Judge until March 15, 2021, and had not sworn in office at the time the order was signed.

This February 17, 2021 order from the Marlborough County Probate Court has shown the initials of Deputy Probate Judge Tammy Brock in the signature line of Probate Judge Mark Heath. Brock was not sworn in as a Deputy Prosecutor Judge when this order was signed. (Source: Marlboro County Probate Court)

FOX 46 asked Ginny Jones, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department of the South Carolina Supreme Court, about a copy of Heath’s letter of disqualification and the next steps in the proceedings. Jones had not responded to a message sent to her asking for that information before this article was posted.

When contacted by phone on Tuesday morning, Jordan Kemarlin did not discuss or answer any questions related to the Heath repellent letter addressed to her. The South Carolina Supreme Court’s clerk’s office told FOX46 that no repulsion would be submitted to the court’s clerk’s office.

At the time this article was posted, none of the offices involved in Heath’s evasion and potential reallocation responded to requests for information and explanation.

Marlboro County probate judge wants off estate at center of ‘Final Disrespects’ investigation Source link Marlboro County probate judge wants off estate at center of ‘Final Disrespects’ investigation

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