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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-05-30 14:33:42 –

Miami Marlins has embarked on a long road trip in the rainy and chilly Boston. After Sunday’s match ends in the rain, they close the match here and take another shot at Fenway Park’s Red Sox.

I was called about 20 minutes late. The make-up is scheduled for Monday, June 7th at 5:10 pm. Miami manager Don Mattingly said, “It was a frustrating series about what was going on when it was raining. “.

Regarding the make-up date and extension to the 11-day trip, he said:

Due to the Interleague match, the Marlins only visited Boston once this season, so the teams had to look for a break from each other. Miami returns to Boston after an afternoon match scheduled for June 6 in Pittsburgh, and the Red Sox after a Sunday night match against longtime rival New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. On Friday, the Red Sox won 5-2 in a match called after 5 1/2 innings due to heavy rain.

Boston also won the match 3-1 on Saturday in chilly and sometimes light rain conditions. The match on Saturday was the first time the Red Sox was allowed to operate at full capacity after the state lifted spectator size restrictions during a pandemic. The stadium was half full due to the weather, but there were 25,089 paying visitors. Boston has won between teams in the last nine games on Fenway, 18-6 against the Marlins. The forecast for Sunday afternoon predicted stable rain until late at night, and it was unlikely that it would rain until early Monday morning. Boston manager Alex Cora returned to the team to attend his daughter Camilla’s high school graduation ceremony in Puerto Rico after missing a victory on Saturday.

Mattingly wasn’t looking forward to the next game that could be started and stopped. He said the team also talked about who to start. The starter couldn’t burn out.

Mattingly said on Monday, “Sure, that was what I expected. You probably won’t play nine games.” “Once things are open, everyone can go out for dinner.”

Marlins-Red Sox Game Postponed by Rain at Fenway Park – NBC Boston Source link Marlins-Red Sox Game Postponed by Rain at Fenway Park – NBC Boston

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