Martyrs May Stand Up Again: Christian Right Faith in Trump Is Unwavering | Donald Trump

YCrocodiles swam underwater and relaxed on artificial rocks as waterfalls ran down nearby. “Crocodiles are mainly found in freshwater, swamps and marches,” says a nearby sign. “… Crocodiles are opportunistic feeding.”

The “Gator Springs” exhibit greeted this week as religious conservatives passed through a vast atrium. Gay Road Palms Resort & Convention Center In Orlando, Florida, after the Republican Party lost power in 2020, it will reorganize and test early candidates for presidential nomination in 2024.

After riding the escalator, attendees of the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority Conference I came across a registration sign with two additional labels: “Trump: Regain America, 2024” and “Trump Store, Vendor Exhibition”.

Next to that, “Jesus is my savior. Trump is my president.”

This revealed that it was a Christian right right, along with an excess of “make America great again” (Maga) hats. Faith in Trump is unlikely Not shaken. For many, he is still a martyr who may stand up again.

The vendor’s display turned out to be fairly modest about being a relatively low-energy event, despite its release from the face mask and physical distance. Interviews with more than a dozen attendees have found widespread belief that the 2020 elections have been stolen. Tighter voting restrictions He hesitated to blame Trump supporters for attacking the US Capitol on January 6.

And Florida’s choice as a venue wasn’t a coincidence: its governor, Ron DeSantis, Seen as the heir to Trump. Jonathan Riches, 42, from Tampa, wearing a red “Maga” hat and an “I ♥ Ron DeSantis” T-shirt, said: It would be okay for Trump to give the torch to Desantis. “

Wealth – Proceedings Spread falsehood – Former Vice President booed Mike Pence during his speech on Friday as he refused to overturn the election results.Others in the room I shouted “Traitor!” And I was escorted.

“We feel like he has abandoned Trump,” Riches explained. “We needed him to challenge the election. He doesn’t represent our party. He’s trying to redeem himself now, but we don’t want him. . “

Attorney General William Barr and state election officials reported that there was no significant irregularity in the vote, and the judge filed dozens of objections.Still, Trump and his allies continue to grow “Big lie” He denied Joe Biden’s legitimacy for the stolen elections.

The airy, carpeted corridor story of the Road to Majority conference suggests that it is firmly rooted. Although some states have used mail-voting for years, some attendees have stated that the increasing use of mail-voting due to the coronavirus pandemic is ripe for fraudulent voting. It was. They also endorsed the so-called “audits” taking place in Arizona and elsewhere.

Sherry Villarreal, 56, a retired teacher from Houston, Texas, quoted the work of Sidney Powell, an untrustworthy lawyer who was ridiculed for threatening to “release the Kraken.” She states: “Sidney Powell has pretty good statistics, data and facts. I rely on her knowledge.”

North Carolina Trump supporter earlier this month. Photo: Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Regarding the riots, Villarreal, wearing a red “Trump 2020” hat and a red “President Trump 2024” sweater, said: But I thought it was an emotionally charged crowd and it got out of control. I don’t think it was a plan. It happened in the heat of the moment. It reflected how dissatisfied the public was with the outcome of the election. “

TV cameras have captured Trump supporters who have violently attacked police, smashed windows, stole property, raised Confederate flags, and called for Pence to be hanged. Five people died and Trump was impeached for the second time.

But Republicans and right-wing media have recently False flag conspiracy theory The FBI coordinated the attack. Glenn Romano, 50, an electrician in Greensboro, North Carolina, said without factual evidence: There is a report of BLM [Black Lives Matter] leader. Our media is completely anti-conservative. They are pushing the leftist agenda. “

Tampa’s stock trader, who gave his name only as Greg A, openly supported the riot and compared it to the American Revolutionary War. “It was the same in 1776 because your government says it will establish a dictatorship,” said the 27-year-old. “People have no choice but to stand up.”

He also made unproven claims about Democrats. The election was fraudulent. Their mission is to turn America into communist shit. “

Others shared disappointment with what they saw as Biden’s willingness to accept progressive agendas, including the significant expansion of government. Michael Altman from Cape Coral, 63 years old, Florida, States as follows. “I think the Biden administration is a disaster. He’s gone too far to the left. He wants to elaborate on our economy with a tax increase. I thought Biden would be more moderate.”

Altman, who retired from work in financial services, added: I don’t know if it was enough to shake the results. But they need to investigate fraudulent votes. It was worse than in the past. One day, it could backfire against the Democratic Party. “

Trump, who turns 75 this week and resumes campaign rallies in Ohio next Saturday, has suggested that he may run for president again in 2024. His running companion is again.

Altman said: I’d like to ask him. He gets a bad rap from the press. He has a habit of saying things, but his policy was great. He issued the vaccine fairly quickly. He’s pretty sharp, but he bothers himself. “

But Cat car, The 70, stolen by a Stars and Stripes-wearing business owner and badged “I don’t do the devil,” claims that the 45th president never lost.

“Trump is now our president,” she said. “80 million Americans know that. You can’t steal a free country.”

Republicans in Washington proved they didn’t want to blame Trump’s stolen election allegations Voted against the bipartisan committee Investigate the January 6th attack. They appear to be eager to change the subject and focus their fire on what is called the Biden crisis.

A member of the House of Representatives, who addressed the meeting on Friday, provided a large harbor for the 2020 elections. The only exception was Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina senator. Who said Trump Lost only 44,000 votes in the Electoral College: “You can claim to have been fooled because you are short of 44,000 votes.

Speakers, including the 2024 candidate, emphasized the urgency of regaining the House of Representatives next year, but did not say Trump should be implemented two years later. Graham chose his words carefully when he said: “If we can do this, and if we can get the House and Senate back, 2024 will be our defeat. Imagine another four years. Donald Trump policy. “

Many preferred to focus on the issue of “cultural war” that is currently energizing Republicans and Fox News. Abortion, “cancellation culture”, Critical racial theory, Gun rights and Marxism were frequent targets, and Vice President Kamala Harris did not visit the US-Mexico border.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz He urged church ministers to become more politically involved. He states: “If we are going to defeat the awakened assault, we all need to wake up. The sleeping church needs to wake up.”

Cruz suggested that politics would be affected by the natural pendulum sway that would return to the Republican direction. “It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0 and I’m here to tell you: Revival is coming.”

Martyrs May Stand Up Again: Christian Right Faith in Trump Is Unwavering | Donald Trump

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