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The Maryland Center for the Arts has announced that the 13th Annual Dance for Arts Gala will return directly to the Delta Hotel in Hunt Valley from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm on June 4th.

Event planner and philanthropist Cynthia Helgenhan and Mary Teddy Rey, owner of the Laurel Bush Family Dentistry, will co-chair Gala. Maryland Governor Yumi Hogan will once again serve as Honorary Chairman.

“I am very excited to be able to host this wonderful event directly,” said Hergenhahn. “This event has been on hold for two years for COVID and we are preparing for dance practice and event planning and we look forward to seeing you all.”

This year’s Ava-inspired theme, “Have the time of your life,” features local community leaders who participate in ballroom dance contests to raise funds for the center. Funds raised from the gala will help create a full-fledged regional arts campus that provides access to a wide range of artistic activities and programming for all ages.

The dancers are: ClaudineAdams, Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc.; Kristen Cavey, Kristen’s Kosmetics; CJ Chan and Julia Chang, Taekwondo Academy, Maryland, USA. Janet Garinther, Cummings & Co.; Catherine Kerry, Kerry Group; Jimmy Krieg, Products Support, Inc.; Heather Clout, House with Heather; Danielle Orlando-Kepner, HealthBridge Wellness Solutions; and Lynne Zink, Zink Auctions & Appraisals / EXP Realty Lee Tessier team.

The celebrity judges for the night performance are: Judge Angela Eaves of the Maryland Court of Appeals. Mary Hustler, CEO of Harford County Public Library. Stuart Lucas, a member of the Highland School Board. Maryland Public Television Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer Travis Mitchell; Nevinsand Associates President David H. Nevins; Harford County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Angela Rose. Laura Ward Moran, director of the John Carroll School’s College Dance Program and Ballet Academy.

“It’s been about a few years for a nonprofit organization whose fundraising event has been cancelled,” Wray said. “We welcome the feedback of many who want to support this important effort. This could be the biggest fundraiser ever. People are ready to go out and have fun. Is done. “

The purpose of the Maryland Visual Arts Center is to provide a variety of creative and collaborative experiences in education, presentations and exhibitions in all areas of art. Build and operate a regional visual arts center to improve access to quality spaces for exhibiting, presenting and participating in art.

The center is located in a 41-acre forest in Harford County. The new art campus will house a multipurpose community art center, an amphitheater with over 500 seats, an educational building with studios and classrooms, and other resources to foster the state art community.

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