Masks required at big outdoor events; vaccine mandates expanded – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-09-09 18:55:00 –

Masks will be needed for large outdoor events throughout Washington, Governor Jay Inslee announced Thursday (September 9th).

Beginning September 13, all participants in more than 500 rallies, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks to slow the spread of the fifth wave of COVID-19. This pushes state-wide hospitals towards critical care standards.

The governor added that he is considering a state-wide vaccine verification system for specific indoor projects, similar to what is planned in King County.

His updated masking order reflects what was imposed in King and Pierce counties last week.come 3 weeks after the announcement of the governor He has revived Washington’s requirement that everyone over the age of five wear a mask indoors.

According to experts, the fifth wave is a direct result of insufficient people vaccinated in combination with the more contagious delta mutants.

“We need to understand how serious this is,” says Inslee. “Every three days more people die of COVID than they died in a terrorist attack on September 11. It’s not time to take a step for a little baby.”

While “breakthrough” cases and hospitalizations are becoming more common among vaccinated people, experts say that vaccines still provide strong protection, especially in ICU admissions. In preventing.

In Olympia, Insley and Secretary of Health and Welfare Dr. Umair Shah have again called on unvaccinated Washington citizens to shoot.

“Some say it’s an individual decision, which is far from the truth,” Insley said. “In fact, when deciding not to get vaccinated, it’s not just about your health, it’s about the health of everyone around you. People stop thinking too much about me and more about us. You need to start thinking. “

He added that those who are skeptical of vaccines should consult their doctors, not conspiracy theories or false information on social media.

This requirement states that state employees and contractors, private health workers, and school and university employees may be vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose their jobs by mid-October. It occurs one month after the governor mandates it.

Mandatory masks and vaccines are one of the steps that Insley and local leaders are pursuing in response to the ongoing surge in coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths, most of which are unvaccinated. Is occurring among Washington citizens. It pushed the healthcare system to the limit.

Locally and nationally, some elected leaders are looking for other tools to slow the fifth wave.

In King County, authorities have announced a vaccine verification system for businesses. This is needed to confirm that the customer has received the shot. The plan follows New York City and San Francisco, and Clallam and Jefferson counties.

The verification system may be ready by October and may be applied to restaurants, bars and other indoor environments.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks, Mariners, Kraken, Sounders, and the University of Washington have all announced plans to adopt plans that require sports fans to present evidence of vaccination.

Announced by President Joe Biden on September 9th Drastic mission It requires over 100 million Americans to be vaccinated.

Under future rules from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Federal Ministry of Labor, all employers with more than 100 workers need to require their staff to be vaccinated or tested weekly for coronavirus. there is.

The department also requires employers to give their staff paid leave for vaccination reservations and sick leave if symptoms occur after vaccination.

Non-compliance companies can be fined $ 14,000 for each breach.

In addition, all federal employees and contractors need to get their shots. Therefore, we also need workers in hospitals and other medical facilities that are funded by Medicare and Medicaid.

The White House said workers had enough time to arrange appointments, but it is unclear when the new rules will come into effect.

Masks required at big outdoor events; vaccine mandates expanded Source link Masks required at big outdoor events; vaccine mandates expanded

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