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Masks still required at Will Rogers World Airport – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-04-29 12:57:20 –

Oklahoma City () – Will Rogers World Airport officials say travelers still need to wear masks on their property as city leaders in Oklahoma City prepare for the end of their mask obligations. say.

The Mask Ordinance expires at 12:00 am on April 30, but city leaders have warned that there may still be places where masks are needed.

“We are reminding everyone that we need to wear a mask where we need it or choose to go elsewhere,” said Mayor Craig Freeman. “Some places need masks for shopping and gatherings, others don’t. Hopefully you’ll be at this pandemic exit ramp. When navigating spring and summer, you can show respect and elegance to each other. It’s more important than ever. “

Officials at Will Rogers World Airport have stated that travelers at the airport will continue to need masks.

In February, the Transportation Security Administration issued a security directive requiring masks to be worn on and within airport premises, on commercial aircraft, and in various ground transport modes.

Public health officials still recommend wearing a mask in situations where it is difficult to stay 6 feet away from people outside the home.

People who are legally required to leave private or public spaces but refuse to do so are subject to citation and arrest for trespassing.

Masks still required at Will Rogers World Airport Source link Masks still required at Will Rogers World Airport

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