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Masks, vaccines, quarantines? What school may look like in fall – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-06-08 14:28:19 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Summer is just beginning for many children, but parents and students are already wondering what kind of school it will be next fall.

The 2020-21 grades and the COVID-19 pandemic pose challenges for families with school-age children. This includes a variety of tasks, including distance learning, childcare tasks, and on-the-spot support for home-based schools.

Earlier this week, a doctor at the University of Kansas Health System and Dr. Lee Norman, director of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said he believed that the 2021-22 school year would look more “normal.”

Physicians expect fewer and fewer students to use distance learning and hybrid learning models in many school districts.

Regarding mask and vaccine requirements, they do not think schools will be strict.

Doctors believe that schools will not require vaccination and will not need masks by the end of summer when schools reopen.

Rather, they work on the recommendation.

Doctors said the quarantine for the new semester would be different as well.

People exposed to vaccinated COVID-19 may not need to be quarantined and instead monitor potential symptoms.

Norman said Kansas state-wide guidance continues to be implemented, including social distance recommendations and mask recommendations for unvaccinated people.

However, he pointed out that local jurisdictions and boards of education have “final decisions” about what happens in counties, cities, or schools.

Norman said the State Department of Health will follow the recommendations until it is time to vaccinate children.

Overall, Kansas expects it to resemble a “strange patchwork quilt” because it determines which local governments should follow and which recommendations to discard.

All the doctors agreed that the summer school would be a good test as the restrictions continue to be relaxed.

Fewer students will be enrolled, but there are enough to provide local health authorities with indicators of which health precautions are needed and which ones are needed.

Doctors also agreed that it was important for children to return to school, which would not be possible without community efforts and diligence regarding vaccines.

Masks, vaccines, quarantines? What school may look like in fall Source link Masks, vaccines, quarantines? What school may look like in fall

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