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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-14 14:04:48 –

To speed up Massachusetts’ coronavirus vaccine distribution program, Federal Secretary William Galvin proposes to use polling stations in future local elections as a way to get people the first dose of the vaccine. ..

Galvin wrote to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on Thursday, and in a pilot program in March of this year, after voting, it made sense to vaccinate people who are eligible to take shots at a convenient location nearby. You can test if it’s true. ” “”

“Large-scale vaccine distribution to the masses, such as elections, requires systematic efforts, including an army of trained temporary workers and sufficient space to accommodate large numbers of people with detailed records management. I need it, “Galvin wrote in a letter to Baker.

Massachusetts, which will be elected in March this year, includes Newton, Andover, Lexington, Wellesley, and Duxbury, according to Galvin.

Governor Charlie Baker wants to provide more COVID-19 vaccines to people throughout Massachusetts.

More communities are holding local elections in the spring, and Galvin said the program could be extended for them as well. He said the election would coincide with the time most residents qualify for the first vaccination-the two vaccines approved so far require two vaccinations.

“By planning, this opportunity presents a geographically organized population that can be specifically identified and confirmed for the appropriate age. Larger facilities for already valid social distancing protocols. Is already used for voting, “he wrote.

“We sincerely believe that such a program will reach the goal of complete vaccination more quickly,” Galvin added.

Massachusetts is in Phase 1 of a three-stage vaccination rollout, with the first responder in the group currently taking shots.

According to the latest state report, Massachusetts has received more than 140,000 vaccines. (Updated ones will be released later Thursday.) But more control is needed. The state has a population of 6.9 million.

Check where the COVID vaccine is targeted.

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