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State officials are considering ways to add COVID-19 testing capabilities in Massachusetts and may announce their efforts in the coming days.

This is one of the messages that Health and Welfare Secretary Marilow Sadders delivered to more than 100 local civil servants on Friday on a phone call coordinated by the Massachusetts City Association with the Baker administration.

When visiting Brockton’s Booster Clinic on Friday afternoon, Governor Charlie Baker and Deputy Governor Karin Polito said: Encouraged community Work with the state to set up a clinic and make more booster shots available. The discussion also featured stories of other efforts to combat the pandemic, including through testing.

The conversation took place the day before state health officials announced that the first case of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was officially detected in Massachusetts, with Saders saying at the time that it was “difficult to imagine.” In the case of a new variant here.

“Our best defense is to vaccinate people and test both diagnosis and surveillance,” Saders said. MMA audio recording..

“We hope to announce the community’s additional testing capabilities next week,” Saders said, and “look forward” to local government leaders.

“Governor and Vice Governor [have] We have instructed us to explore some other testing opportunities for the community and federal residents, and we should be able to announce it next week, “she said.

“We hope to make some announcements next week about a rapid test in Massachusetts,” Saders said later in the call.

Baker recently became a vocalist With his frustration The federal government is doing nothing more to make rapid COVID-19 testing more accessible and affordable to Americans, as in European countries. Last week, President Biden announced plans to request a refund from a health insurance company for members who purchased a rapid test at home.

“I’ve been hitting the White House on this issue for months,” Baker said on Friday. “And I have to tell you, I’m glad they finally received the message, but you should all know that I’m going to them, and I’m going to say, I’m glad you finally understood this is important, but you’re going the wrong way about it. “

Instead of creating a process that would have to restrict distribution and seek repayment from insurance after the fact, Baker said, “basically, the federal government should sign a contract with a retailer-priced manufacturer.” Said. And they should send these to all retailers in the United States so they can be stacked on the shelves of the pharmacy as high as you can see. “

“They need to be available in tens of thousands of places, if not hundreds of thousands, and are expensive, people go there and buy five, buy ten, and then one ton. Must be able to provide to community health. It is a center that enables community health centers to do the same. “

Baker raised concerns that Biden’s plans would be too complex to expect people to actually get refunds or understand the process.

“No one buys the 10 test because they think they’re going to get the money back from an insurance company they don’t trust yet, and I don’t know because I can’t get the money back for a while. I’m a little confused about how they did this, “he said.

Promote testing and boosters as people plan holiday gatherings and trips, and the winter approach brings more social activity indoors.

The number of COVID-19 cases is also increasing in Massachusetts. On Monday, the Public Health Service reported 11,199 newly identified cases of COVID-19. This is a total of three days, more than double the previous Monday’s report.

In the neighboring New Hampshire state, officials said on Monday, November 29, and residents of that state said Say Yes! Announced that it will be possible to order a free rapid diagnostic kit for home delivery through. The COVID test program is an initiative by the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, test maker Quidel, and healthcare technology company Care Evolution.

“As we enter the winter months, these home tests are a valuable tool for Granite Staters to easily test themselves and get back into the game right away,” said then Governor Chris Sununu. Said. “As the first state-wide program to implement this program, we are pleased to have easy access to individuals and families throughout New Hampshire.”

A day later, Sununu said he was in high demand and that the first test supply was already in demand and that over 800,000 tests would be provided throughout the state in the next few days.

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