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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-06-10 00:05:23 –

At the Massachusetts Republican State Commission meeting on Wednesday, tensions increased as the rift between more conservative and more moderate members continued to widen.

The scene outside Marlboro’s Apex Entertainment was a picture of anger and division.

“Our Republicans are currently in turmoil,” said long-time Republican Arete Pascucci. “It’s more than talking.”

Dozens of people joined the party after a commission woman, Deborah Martell, emailed other Republicans that he got sick because he adopted a child, and gay parliamentary candidate Jeffrey Sossa. -Gathered to defend the packet.

“What she said reinforces all negative stereotypes about the Republican Party. We are negative, intolerant, and other persuasive,” said Tom Mountain, Vice-Chairman of the Massachusetts GOP. I don’t accept powerful people. “

Others have been found to defend Massachusetts GOP chairman Jim Lyons, who told Sossa Packet that he did not want to be involved in the dispute with Martell.

“These are her rights and protections to speak her opinion, which does not mean we must agree to it,” said Republican Vice-Governor candidate Leila Campbell. It was.

“We all have the right to enjoy freedom of speech,” said Sossa Packet. “We have no right to take freedom of speech and use it as a weapon to do harm.”

But Lions supporters say there’s something else happening. They say Governor Charlie Baker is leading the party in a liberal direction to the far left, and his salary Republicans are following his lead.

“Perhaps we could grow the party from scratch without a governor,” said Republican Commissioner Steve Isleward.

Baker’s supporters couldn’t oppose any more.

“He is the best governor and Republican in the country. Why aren’t we standing behind the governor?” Pascucci asked.

Only Republican officials and committee members were allowed to enter the room, and many Republicans who appeared hoping to attend what they said angered that it was always an open meeting. .. Reporters were also denied entry.

Mass. GOP Meeting Highlights Growing Rift – NECN Source link Mass. GOP Meeting Highlights Growing Rift – NECN

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