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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-06-24 05:46:56 –

Massachusetts legislators will consider proposing new regulations on automatic license plate reader systems on Thursday, among other many other transportation bills.

Massachusetts Ended use of controversial license plate monitoring system in December 2020After discovering the glitch that caused inaccurate data to be recorded for over 5 years.

An inaccurate date and time stamp was found in a network of fixed, fixed high-speed cameras installed by Massachusetts police that took pictures of the license plates of passing vehicles.

On Thursday, the Joint Commission on Transportation will hold a virtual hearing at 2:00 pm on 14 bills on aviation, privacy, and gender identity.

Some bills on the agenda (H.3564, H.3597) We are proposing new regulations on automatic license plate reader systems and trying to limit the instances and data retention methods in which they can be deployed.

These bills include measures to limit data retention for 14 to 30 days, except for criminal investigations and other approved retention requests.

One of the bills submitted by Congressman Sarapeake in Provincetown would require police to obtain a search warrant to access information that may be used in court proceedings.

Another bill, submitted by Matapoisett Chairman William Strauss, specifies that license plate data can be used by insurers to determine rates, or that employers and marketing companies are not allowed.

In addition, a proposal from Senator Julian Sill of Truro (S.2305) The Port Authority of Massachusetts or the Airport Commission governing airports owned by cities or counties must impose a “climate impact landing fee” of at least $ 1,000 on private, corporate and charter rental aircraft. No commercial passenger or freight flights are required. -It arrives in Massachusetts.

The State Legislature News Agency contributed to this report.

Mass. Lawmakers Consider Proposals – NBC Boston Source link Mass. Lawmakers Consider Proposals – NBC Boston

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