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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-02-17 23:08:17 –

A disproportionate number of Massachusetts vehicles have expired inspection stickers, and state officials are stepping up efforts to convince people to undergo the required annual emissions and safety inspections.

The Automobile Registry announced Wednesday that it would work with the State Environmental Protection Agency, Massachusetts Police, local law enforcement agencies, and business partners to remind customers of their requirements. According to the RMV, there are more than 584,000 registered vehicles in the state and the stickers have expired. That’s about 10.8 percent of Massachusetts’ 5.4 million active vehicle registrations.

Driving a vehicle without a valid inspection sticker is a traffic violation that can result in fines and adverse effects on individual premiums, but RMV is currently at its discretion and it is time to renew. He said he was asking law enforcement to remind people, instead of quoting them stickers.

“Emissions and safety inspections ensure that vehicles driving in Massachusetts are safe and properly maintained and that the community does not emit excess air pollutants, which ensures the air quality of all of us. It will be improved, “said Martin Suuberg, MassDEP Commissioner. “MassDEP, together with our program partners, encourages Massachusetts residents to update their stickers so that their vehicle emission systems are inspected annually.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred last year, some extensions were granted to annual inspection stickers that expire between March and May 2020, but those extensions have expired and authorities have said. He said on Wednesday that no further extensions were planned. There are 1,800 local laboratories in the state.

Registrar’s deputy Colleen Ogilby encouraged people to plan to inspect their car and update their stickers.

“By following all safety and social distance protocols to keep customers and inspection station staff safe, resources are readily available to help customers find convenient inspection stations and guide the inspection process.” Ogilvie said.

According to the agency, RMV outreach will include a reminder in the registration email that prompts you to “check Ya Stickah.”

Mass. RMV Reminds Thousands to ‘Check Ya Stickah' Source link Mass. RMV Reminds Thousands to ‘Check Ya Stickah'

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