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A bill aimed at facilitating the lives of mobile military families and a bill requiring all middle and high schools in Massachusetts to teach the history of the slaughter passed the Senate unanimously on Thursday.

Senator Karen Spilka made the genocide education bill a priority in March after reports of a soccer player at Daxbury High School calling for theater in Holocaust-related terms. She said at the time, “This needs to be more than just a’teaching moment’. To prevent this from happening again, we need sustainable and enhanced education among managers, educators, coaches, officers, referees and students. “

The bill (S 2525) establishes a genocide education trust fund to cover curriculum development, professional development, training, and other related costs, in addition to requiring guidance on the history of genocide and human rights issues. increase.

Michael Rodriguez, Chairman of the Senate Methods and Means Committee, said: 2018 New York Times Articles It is reported that 31% of Americans and 41% of millennials believe that less than 2 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and the actual number is over 6 million. “

“With a wide range of visible white supremacism, genocide, and constant barrage of racial discrimination, false news, division, and the power of ignorance avoid serious mistakes of the past and such atrocities. It threatens the ability to educate students on how to do it. The future, “Rodriguez said. “As a member of this federation and our global community, it is our joint responsibility to equip future generations with educational tools to combat hatred and prejudice by teaching our middle and high school students the truth. “

Senator Jason Lewis, co-chair of the school board, said teaching about the history and human rights of the slaughter was “perfectly aligned” with the framework of the state history and social studies curriculum.

He said lawmakers should “carefully” tackle the obligations of the new curriculum. “But in my judgment, this is certainly a justified situation.”

“Today, fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors are still alive in our country and around the world,” Lewis said. “With the decline of history, more and more young people are unaware of the Holocaust, and perhaps little about other genocide in history, such as the Armenian genocide and genocide in other parts of the world such as Cambodia and Darfur. . “

Another bill passed by the Senate on Thursday deals with vocational licenses for spouses of military personnel serving in Massachusetts, elementary and secondary if they meet certain criteria for support for military families and students. The Department of Education allows the school to be designated as a “Purple Star Campus”.

Senator John Velis, a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, which sponsors Bill, said military personnel are usually ordered to relocate every 24-36 months, and military spouses average 6-in the course of a military career. He said he would move nine times.

He said 34% of active military spouses work in state-licensed professions and need to be reissued when their families move to a new state. Delayed relicensing would result in a 22% unemployment rate for military spouses, which could stress families and influence the decision of military personnel to stay in the military, he said.

“By putting our army family in this difficult situation, we are seriously undermining the retention of the army and jeopardizing the army’s readiness,” said Velis. “The law in front of us today aims to address this serious issue that affects military spouses when they arrive in this federation.”

Under current law, state agencies apply for military spouses and bills (S 2558) Will accept the application or require notification of criteria that did not meet within 30 days, Velis said. The bill also creates a specific temporary teacher’s license for a military spouse who holds a valid license from another state.

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Mass. Senate passes genocide education bill – Boston News, Weather, Sports Source link Mass. Senate passes genocide education bill – Boston News, Weather, Sports

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