Mass shooting on Austin’s 6th Street: 1 dead, 13 hurt, 1 suspect arrested, 1 wanted – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-06-13 20:24:14 –

Austin, Texas-Police reportedly killed victims early Saturday morning after a mass shooting on Austin’s 6th Avenue.

Authorities identified the victim as 25-year-old Douglas John Canter, who said he died on Sunday afternoon after being injured in a local hospital.

According to officials, one suspect was arrested in connection with the shooting that killed Cantor and injured 13 people.

Investigators continued to search for the second suspect involved on Sunday and worked to determine the cause of the violence.

“This looks like an isolated case between the two,” Chacon said.

Investigators continued to watch surveillance videos of the area, although most, if not all, of the victims were believed to be innocent bystanders.

A gunshot exploded just before 1:30 am along 6th Street, a popular area with bars and restaurants.

At that time, the streets were barricaded to block the passage of vehicles, Chacon said.

After the morning: The tranquility of 6th Avenue after an overnight shooting

“Our police responded very quickly,” said the interim secretary of the Austin Police Department. “They were able to immediately begin many life-saving measures for these patients, including the application of tourniquets, the application of chest seals.”

Some police officers took the patient to the hospital because of how chaotic the shooting scene was. Chacon said it became difficult to contain the crowd and carry ambulances to the injured.

Travis Young was in the apartment building on 6th Avenue when he heard the gunshot.

“By the second gunshot, I was already on the floor,” Young said. “I got up about 30-40 seconds later and saw my body everywhere. People were screaming. People were in pain.”

Fred Plummer, who lives in Houston, said he was in Austin for the annual bike rally and returned to the shoot on Saturday afternoon.

Plummer said he left early in the day shortly before the shooting occurred.

“People were sending text messages asking if I was okay because I knew I was in the area,” Plummer said. “I had to pray again. Whatever it was, I’m really grateful for letting me go. That’s what you know, it’s sad.”

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Mass shooting on Austin’s 6th Street: 1 dead, 13 hurt, 1 suspect arrested, 1 wanted Source link Mass shooting on Austin’s 6th Street: 1 dead, 13 hurt, 1 suspect arrested, 1 wanted

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