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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-12-04 17:17:07 –

Massachusetts Supreme Education Officials are calling on public school districts in the state’s three largest cities to bring high-demand students back into the classroom to study directly.

In a letter released Friday, elementary and secondary education commissioner Jeffrey Riley submits plans to school districts in Boston, Worcester and Springfield to return students with disabilities and special needs to school within 10 days. I ordered.

“For these particularly vulnerable student groups, it’s important to plan to provide face-to-face instruction as soon as possible,” Riley wrote.

Riley did not specify when to resume the classroom.

According to the letter, inadequate response was audited “to evaluate the overall effort to provide face-to-face instruction and ensure that distance learning programs are consistent with state and federal laws and regulations.” May cause.

As of Monday, there were more than 4,000 active cases out of a total of 27,228 cases since the pandemic began.

Boston offers face-to-face learning to less than 200 students in four schools, accounting for less than 1% of the more than 51,000 students in the system. According to the state, Springfield and Worcester are not currently receiving direct guidance.

Governor Riley and Charlie Baker urged the district to keep students in the classroom even if the community has been designated as at high risk of coronavirus epidemics. They said the school district would need to switch to distance learning if there was evidence of the virus spreading in the school.

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Boston has formed a task force to devise plans to open more classrooms for students with important learning needs, but has not announced a timeline.

The Worcester School Commission said Thursday that it upheld last month’s decision to extend distance learning to January to make school buildings safer.

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