Massachusetts Democratic Chairman Violates Party Bylaws of Morsneal Race, Internal Investigation Discovered – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2020-11-06 20:31:36 –

The Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman filed a complaint against a group of Democrats at the university against the hopeful Mayor of Holyoke, Alex Morse, a few weeks before the Primary Association against U.S. Congressman Richard Neal. By “encouraging” submissions, he violated party regulations. ..

According to a survey by former California’s Senator Gus Bigford advised students to send a letter detailing their claims to Morse and “encourages students to speak to a record reporter about them. By doing so, he broke the rules of the State party. Cheryl Jack brought in by the State party to investigate the matter.

According to a copy of the report obtained by Herald, Jackford concluded that he violated the bylaws prohibiting party members from participating in the Democratic primary, but the idea that state members would write to Morse. He concluded that he did not “start”.

Bickford denied cheating in a statement by a spokeswoman for the State party.

“I accept and agree to all the recommendations outlined at the end of the report, but I would leak material to a well-known national political reporter by commenting on its credibility. “I strongly oppose unfounded statements that somehow imply or suggest,” said Bigford, claiming that “the truth is wrong. He suggested that students be sent a letter before the election day.” To do. “

Big Ford will be reelected next week.

In August, Morse was accused of acting in a way that “offended young college students” by three groups of college Democrats, including college Democrats in Massachusetts.

A 31-year-old former part-time lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst apologized for his “feeling uncomfortable.” But he argued that the claim was a “coordinated political slander” designed to turn his campaign into a tank shortly before the primary.

In the report, Jack did not “plant” student problems in Morse because she wrote that she had been complaining about his actions for months before they contacted the Parties. Said it was obvious.

The college student contacted Bickford in an attempt to talk to a “responsible adult” after beginning to receive external inquiries about Morse’s alleged behavior. According to the report, Bickford advised them to record with reporters.

“It reveals that the Massachusetts Democrats have harmed my parliamentary campaign and improperly interfered to support Congressman Neil’s reelection efforts,” Morse said in a report.

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