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The postponed high school football season finally begins this week in Massachusetts.

The Fall II season, created by the association for the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, will run from February 22nd to April 25th, with no post-season sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Athletic Association. The school district can opt out if desired.

In addition to Fall II season football, there are cheerleading, indoor tracks and unified basketball. The school district also had the option to move the next sport from Fall I Season to Fall II. Cross-country, dance, golf, field hockey, soccer, swimming, diving, volleyball.

“We made adjustments in the fall and succeeded in the first season. We made additional changes for the winter and student athletes have been actively participating since December. Now we are in the governor’s office. I expect it with the guidance of [the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs]”With the work of various committees, we will have a safe and successful Fall II season,” MIAA President Jeffrey Granatino said in a statement announcing the start date last month.

Please refer to MIAA presentation on changes here Change soccer rules here..

A group overseeing high school sports in Massachusetts has decided that high-risk sports such as soccer will not take place in the fall.

The announcement was made as coronavirus case levels declined due to the height of the second surge in Massachusetts, where vaccine deployments surged. The number of cases, hospitalizations and positive rates have continued to decline in the weeks following the announcement.

Governor Charlie Baker encouraged schools to take safety measures and reopen, citing studies showing that schools with precautionary measures are unlikely to have a significant impact on the community.

The pandemic caused havoc in high school sports and influenced the second half of the 2019-20 season and the beginning of the 2020-21 season. In August, high school football, cheering and unified basketball were moved to practice only.

Massachusetts Fall II Sports Season Starts Feb. 22 – NBC Boston Source link Massachusetts Fall II Sports Season Starts Feb. 22 – NBC Boston

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