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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-13 15:37:27 –

According to Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts will send “hundreds” of National Guard to Washington, DC for the inauguration of Joe Biden in the presidential election.

“We’ve been asked by Washington to uphold a fairly important request for security guards in the capital, which I think applies to many states so far,” the governor said. “. He said Wednesday when asked about the possibility of local violence in the days leading up to the inauguration on January 20th.

He said there were still no credible threats related to the State Capitol or other Massachusetts locations. He said state officials were still discussing a request from Washington to send hundreds of Massachusetts National Guard to DC for the inauguration.

Baker said Massachusetts could deny the request if he felt he needed a security guard at home. But he said the request was a “very manageable number,” so I don’t think it’s needed.

Members of Massachusetts National Guard join the National Guard from Connecticut and several other states deployed for the inauguration following the riots at the US Capitol last week.

The National Guard chief said at least 10,000 troops could be deployed in Washington, DC by Saturday, and another 5,000 could be requested from other states.

Authorities in all 50 states have been on the alert after the FBI warned that violent protests could take place prior to President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Currently, there are 6,200 security guards in the city from DC and five neighboring states. The increased demand for security guards this week is as authorities prepare for more, and perhaps violent, protests surrounding Biden’s inauguration.

Army General Daniel Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, told reporters that he was authorized to bring up to 15,000 National Guards. At the request of the Secret Service, Park Police, and Parliamentary Police, he said the number of deployments varies from time to day.

Here in Massachusetts, state police have sent a warning to law enforcement agencies warning of the FBI’s planned “peaceful armed protest” calls at all 50 state capitols, followed by the state capitol and others. He said he was not under certain threats in public.

In addition, a representative of the FBI’s Boston office told NBC News on Monday that “we do not have information indicating planned armed protests in four state capitals within our responsibilities (ME, MA, NH, and RI.” ) From January 17th to 20th, 2021. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Massachusetts National Guard Members Expected to Deploy to Washington – NBC Boston Source link Massachusetts National Guard Members Expected to Deploy to Washington – NBC Boston

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