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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-11-04 16:33:39 –

Boston (WHDH) – Governor Charlie Baker and Vice-Governor Karyn Polito peacefully exercised Article 1 of the Constitutional Amendment to the public as Americans await the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. We want all candidates to come together for greater benefit. country’s.

Baker and Polito issued a joint statement on Tuesday.

“The United States has the freedom to vote for all Americans and depends on counting all votes. All Americans, especially the president and all candidates for ballots, regardless of political party. No matter who wins this election, the challenges facing the United States and the nation remain. Defeating pandemics, rebuilding the economy, and these difficulties, need to unite to support this process. It’s about helping people in need of help in a difficult time. When the results are finalized, all candidates, especially the two running for the most powerful offices in the world, are all Americans. Hoping to secure a political party to improve their lives. Many are worried about the outcome of this very important election, but if they choose to do so, everyone is waiting. We must exercise the first amendment to the Constitution peacefully. We ask everyone to respect each other. “

The result is in the number of major races in Massachusetts, which seems to be a record-breaking record with over 3.6 million votes cast.

According to Mayor Martin J. Walsh, 63 percent of Boston’s registered voters voted. However, in some states the competition for presidential elections is too close to be called out, and Trump is demanding that the election authorities not count.

“The idea of ​​disqualifying voters just because you’re ahead is unacceptable, non-American, and criminal, because these people have the right to vote. Because I voted, I need to count, “said Bill Galvin, Secretary of State of Massachusetts.

On Wednesday, Walsh and Boston police commissioner William G. Gross reiterated the Baker administration’s proceedings for peaceful demonstrations, regardless of who won the election.

“We need your eyes and ears. If you see something, say something,” Gross said. “We need to plan from the worst scenario to the best scenario, and that’s what we did.”

Gross said local and state police were on standby in case of problems.

Voters who were already worried because the winner was undecided said they were nervous.

Many companies in the city have chosen to board the windows as a precautionary measure.

“We know it’s a controversial election and people will express their opinion, but when you correctly state the first amendment, not the ignorance of destruction. Do it with a voice of logic, “Gross said.

So far, it’s unclear when the winner will be officially declared, and leaders are encouraging the community to carry out the process.

“Elections are a hostile process, but you shouldn’t count ballots,” Galvin said. “It should be about the right of citizens to hear, no matter what they say.”

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