Matt Damon denies use of “F-Slur” in repulsion in a recent interview – Hollywood Life

In a statement after Matt Damon talked about the regular use of this word in his area while growing up in a recent interview, no one in his “private life” “f *** He said he had never called “* t”.

Matt DamonThe 50-year-old has protected himself after talking in a recent interview about how to stop using “f-slur for gays” just a few months ago. NS actor Clarified what he said to Britain The Sunday TimesPublished on the weekend in a statement obtained by Hollywood Reporter.. It all started when he was talking in an interview about how the offensive term “I was commonly used for other purposes when I was a kid” was used, “a few months ago. His daughter helped him realize that it was a mistake, causing controversy by saying he used the term in a joke.

Matt Damon caused a backslash in a recent interview. (Shutterstock)

“In a recent interview, I remembered a discussion with myself. my daughter Here I grew up in Boston, heard the word “f * g” used in the streets as a kid, and then contextualized the progress made for her before knowing what it was. I tried to make it. The statement began, allegedly being mentioned. ” “I explained that the word was constantly used casually and was even the lines of conversation in my film until 2003. She now unknowingly used the word. She expressed unbelievable that it might have happened. To my praise and pride, she said how painful it was for someone in the LGBTQ + community, even if the word was culturally normalized. It was very clear about what it was. Not only did I agree with her, but I was thrilled with her passion, values ​​and aspirations for social justice. “

“No one in my personal life called it’f **** t’, and this conversation with my daughter was not a personal awakening,” the statement continued. “I don’t use any kind of slur. To eradicate prejudice, I don’t find passive comfort by imagining myself as” one of the good guys, “but to justice. I learned that positive movement is needed. Given that open hostility to the LGBTQ + community is not uncommon yet, I understand why my remarks made many assume the worst. To be as clear as possible, I stand by the LGBTQ + community. “

Matt Damon
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Before his statement was released, Matt became a trending topic on social media sites. Like twitter Because the controversial interview was shared and people had their opinions.Those people included celebrities like actors Billy Eichner, “I want to know which word Matt Damon replaced f **** t with,” tweeted.

GLAAD He also issued a statement about Matt’s words. “The conversation that arose after Matt Damon’s first interview and subsequent remarks today is this word, or a word aimed at despising and despising LGBTQ people, in mainstream media, social media, classrooms, Workplace, and beyond. ” Anthony Allen RamosGLAAD’s Head of Talent “Anti-LGBTQ slurs are still rampant today and may foster discrimination and stereotypes, especially when used by people outside the community to defame or explain LGBTQ people. I need to be accountable when there is. “

Matt Damon denies use of “F-Slur” in repulsion in a recent interview – Hollywood Life

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