Matt Gaetz Associates are expected to plead guilty, lawyers say

Former Florida tax collector associated with a House of Representatives investigation by the Justice Department Matt Gaetz The lawyer in the case is expected to plead guilty, as stated in court Thursday. Joel Greenberg plans to strike by May 15, but the deal hasn’t been finalized yet, his lawyer Fritz Scheller said Thursday.

Former Seminole County tax collector Greenberg has been charged with dozens of crimes, including sex trafficking, stalking, bribery, and paycheck protection program fraud. CBS News confirmed that the ongoing investigation into Greenberg spurred the investigation into Gates.

Greenberg’s trial was postponed to July, but prosecutors said at the beginning of Thursday’s hearing, “I believe the case will be denied charges.”

according to CBS Orlando affiliated WKMGScheller was asked if Gates’ possible involvement in the investigation would benefit his clients in a judicial transaction. Scheller replied that if Greenberg accepted the judicial transaction, it would show a sense of his regret — he has — a sense of acceptance of responsibility. Second, I think he is in a unique position. “

“Matt Gaetz must not feel very comfortable today,” Scheller also told reporters after his appearance. He later stated that, given his focus on the relationship between Gates and Greenberg, “it wouldn’t be clear to assume he was concerned.”

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US Parliamentarian Matt Gaetz (R-FL) (second R) will leave the Republican meeting at the US Capitol on February 3, 2021 in Washington, DC. Ten Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for inciting a rebellion in the US Capitol.

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Gates, a close ally of former President Trump, has been accused of having a relationship with a 17-year-old woman and is believed to be investigating a violation of the Sex Trafficking Act. He has denied all allegations and has not been charged with crime so far.

on Wednesday, CBS News reported As part of an investigation into whether Gates violates sex trafficking laws, federal agents are investigating his alleged trip to the Bahamas in late 2018 or early 2019.

Gates’ office said in a statement to CBS News on Wednesday, “I’ve never paid for sex and I’ve never had sex with a minor girl. It all started with a hot topic about’sex trafficking’. Yesterday, which is now a common fishing practice on vacation, we learned of some nonsense “forgiveness” stories that turned out to be false, and today it’s just more. I’m arrogant. It’s interesting to see Washington’s wheels smash so hard every time one of their falsehoods is knocked down. “

CBS News also confirmed it Gates asked the White House For a preemptive full amnesty before Mr. Trump resigned. The former president did not mention in a statement Thursday whether the White House had submitted such a request from Gates, but said “Parliamentarian Matt Gaetz has never asked me for an amnesty.” Stated.

Florida legislators are expected to make his first public statement since the news of the investigation at the Women for America First event on Friday.

Matt Gaetz Associates are expected to plead guilty, lawyers say

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