Matt Gaetz: Democrats call for “companion culture” as a letter from a former ally comes out | Republicans

A Florida Democrat, who released a strange voicemail voice from Matt Gaetz, called Republicans hit by a scandal “one of the most extreme examples of Bro culture.” to add: “We cannot hesitate to call for a hostile and dangerous culture for women and girls.”

Gates is reportedly investigating issues such as paying for sex with a minor girl.This week, The Daily Beast Obtained A letter from a former ally stating that he and Gates were “involved in sexual activity” at the age of 17.

Gates denied all cheating and said he would not resign from Congress.

Anna Escamani, 30, from Orlando, Florida’s representative, was quoted by the Tampa Bay Times. report How senior Republicans refused to comment on Gates’ actions.

With a short voice email Escamani says Joel Greenberg, a Seminole County tax collector, sent on July 19, 2019, states that he and Gaetz were “talking about you and your wonderful qualities.”

Gates adds: “I think you are the future of the Democratic Party of Florida!”

After that, Greenberg said: Anyway, uh, if you get this and you want to chat, shout me back. I hope you are fine. I hope there was a nice fourth later. “

Escamani initially thought that voicemail was only part of “another day of being a political woman,” but hoped that others would move forward in explaining the interaction between Greenberg and Gates. He said he had released it.

Greenberg and Gates are now estranged as they face 33 counts of prosecutions, including stalking and sexual trafficking charges. His lawyer has shown that he may be willing to work with federal authorities.

Kevin McCarthy, a Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, said he would not take action against Gates unless indicted.

letter Obtained The Daily Beast was written by Greenberg when he turned to Roger Stone, a close ally of Donald Trump, to secure an amnesty before the then president resigned.

Greenberg refers to a 17-year-old girl and writes “many times.” “This individual was involved in sexual activity with me with a few other girls who were the first members of Parliament in Florida.

“Sometimes some of these girls, including individuals under the age of 18, were paid a portion of their petrol, gifts, rent and tuition. I did the act directly and traded Venmo. , Cash App, or other payments have been made. Made by these girls on behalf of lawmakers. “

The website also said it got a private message between Greenberg and Stone.

“If I get $ 250,000 in Bitcoin, it helps, or this is not an economic issue,” the website writes.

“I understood all of this and took it into account,” Stone reportedly replied. “I will know more in the next 24 hours. Due to the nonsense surrounding amnesty, I can’t push too hard.”

Stone was one of many allies and aides Allowed by Trump In December, allegations arose from Russia’s election interference and an investigation into the link between Trump and Moscow.I already had playing cards Commuting Stone’s sentence of three years or more in prison.

“I’m confident and hope you’re ready to send me $ 250,000,” Beast said Stone wrote to Greenberg in January.

Stone denied seeking or receiving payments to pursue amnesty, but said he had told Greenberg to prepare a document explaining his indictment to Beast.

Gates did not comment directly on Beast’s story, instead Retweet “We have completely stupid media, so this story temporarily turned Joel Greenberg into a reliable source, most of all because he wrote to Roger Stone. “

Matt Gaetz: Democrats call for “companion culture” as a letter from a former ally comes out | Republicans

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