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Florida’s Congressman Matt Gaetz, in the midst of controversy, isn’t a waste of publicity, good or bad. Now, New York Times reported Gates is under investigation Parliamentarians are using the spotlight to increase donations for allegations of minor sexual trafficking by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

With a new campaign email, Gates Times A “far-left” organization, newspapers announced as “Saracious” claim to lie about him to hurt his name.

“I’m fighting some of the most powerful institutions in the world funded by globalist millionaires. I need all patriots to stand with me. Rely on your support Can you read the email revealed by “Can you?” Talking Point Memo..

The red button at the bottom of the email, “Click here to oppose fake news,” leads to the donation page on the Gates campaign website. Gates will be reelected in 2022, but rumors have spread that he may retire from Congress earlier this year. Get a job at Newsmax Or Run for Florida Agricultural Commissioner..

The controversy over Gates began last week Times A story revealed by law enforcement officials investigating whether a 38-year-old lawmaker paid for sex to a 17-year-old girl or offered something of monetary value in exchange for sex. .. Federal Sex Trafficking Act.. The allegations include a relationship about two years ago.

according to Times, The Gates behavioral investigation is part of a larger investigation into his companion, former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg, who was charged last year. Multiple billing, Including sexual trafficking of minors.according to TimesThe girl involved in the Justice Department’s Gates investigation is said to be the same girl involved in Greenberg’s sexual trafficking case... The· Times Also, Gates uses an online site to recruit women for sex, Cash app and Apple Pay..

When allegations of sexual trafficking became a hot topic, CNN said Gates Allegedly shared nude images Of his sex partner with other lawmakers.

Gates violently denied allegations of trafficking and sex with minors.He says he has never been involved in illegal activity and claims that the allegations are part of $ 25 million. Blackmail plot.. He and his father warned the Justice Department about the alleged blackmail plan and said they had helped the Justice Department investigate the plot. He called on the DOJ to release a recording from the investigation, which claims he proves his innocence.

His allies are starting to move away from him while Gates is using scandals to fund the campaign.

California Republican David Valadao said Friday that Gates would donate the money he donated to his campaign to a local organization that supports victims of domestic violence. Fresnoby..

Former California Democrat Katie Hill, who Gates defended during her own sex scandal, wrote in a recent editorial. Vanity fair If CNN’s claim is true, Gates should resign.

“Matt and I have formed an unlikely friendship in Congress. He was one of the few colleagues who spoke out after a malicious nude photo spill overturned my life,” Hill wrote. I will. “But if the recent report is true, he engaged in the very practice that defended me — and should resign immediately.”

Gates will be performing at an event called the Summits of the Americas at the Trump National Doral on Friday. America First Women, A political party that helped organize a Trump support rally prior to the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

“Parliamentarian Matt Gaetz was a fearless leader in Washington,” the email reads. “Few MPs are willing to stand up and fight on behalf of President Trump and his America First Agenda. It’s an honor for Congressman Gates to speak at the Summits of the Americas.”

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Matt Gaetz Email Solicits Contributions Amid Sex-Trafficking Allegations
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