Matt helps Rachel after she gets hurt, Serena P. leaves

Organize their feelings. Matt James Rethinking how serious he was The remaining 4 women During a date in my hometown on Monday, February 22 Bachelor’s degree..

Michelle I rode him on a bike, introduced him to the students via video chat, and had his first date. She told Matt that her parents were hesitant to attend the show because she had to put her life on hold, but they supported her no matter what. I agreed to do it. Michelle answered “yes” when Matt proposed and said he would move to Minnesota, while he thought he was The One.

Matt James ABC / Craig Sjodin

RachelOn her part, trust was a major factor in her relationships, so she planned a skydiving date. But when it hit the ground during landing, things changed.Matt rushed to check her and he confessed him I didn’t realize how strong he felt against her Until I see her injured. She shouted for his admission and thanked him for his concerns about her. She later told her mom that the makeup covered her facial injury.

Rachel’s family, especially her dad, was skeptical of the fast process, but wanted Matt to seek his father’s blessing.Girlfriend She admitted that she was in love with him And she said she would accept the proposal. Eventually, she was disappointed when Matt chose not to ask for permission to pop the question. He didn’t want to do that with the whole family of four, but promised to call Rachel’s dad sooner if he had the opportunity.

Bachelor of Matt James Serena
Matt James and Serena P. ABC / Craig Sjodin

Bry And Matt went off-road with a jeep during their date. He wanted to move beyond each other’s level of comfort, but was scared to tell him she was in love with him.Matt believed He and Buri had a special connectionAnd she wanted to build a wall, but she told him her feelings.

Serena P.Meanwhile, Matt introduced Canadian culture. Then he met her family. Ready to get engaged.. Serena wanted to be confident that her home date would take the next step, which made her more anxious about mistaken for Matt.

Matt felt something was wrong with Serena, so he Confronted her before the rose ritual.. He told her that he spent more time deliberately establishing a relationship with her than any other woman. She thought she was afraid of her feelings for him, but realized that he was not herself. Matt was shocked and disappointed, but wanted Serena to be happy. She chose to leave, which made Matt worried that the rest of the women might do the same.

At the rose ceremony, Matt encouraged Buri, Rachel, and Michelle to make sure they were ready for engagement before accepting the roses.All of them Decided to stay And I received the roses.

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Matt helps Rachel after she gets hurt, Serena P. leaves

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