Matt James is excited to play a “Bachelor’s Degree” on “DWTS”

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really Matt James Please stand up?A former soccer player, 29, may be best known as a bachelor’s degree in Season 25, but he Dance with the stars Ballroom. In addition, he has a girlfriend. Rachel Carconel, On his side.

“She supported me in every way I could imagine. So, first of all, she was the only one who seemed to like my beard, so you know, that’s exactly That’s the love there, “said James. We weekly And other reporters on Wednesday, September 8th later Dance with the stars Season 30 cast It was announced. “She was excited about this opportunity for me.”

The former reality star added that dancer Kirk Connell’s sister was also helping.

Matt James holds a bachelor's degree from DWTS

“We’ve all talked about ways to improve our steps. She was my dance partner when I returned from practice. Outside Dance with the stars“The founder of the ABC Food Tour said. “I’m back and trying to apply the same lessons I learned in the rehearsal. She’s whipping and shaping me.”

Athletes also Choosing to shave his beard recentlyHe revealed that there was no “emotional connection” in the hair on his face, admitting that he only raised it “to escape from looking like a bachelor’s degree.”

James continued. It’s not who I am. And I think a lot of people confused it. After the show is over [people were] I act in a particular way, hoping that I will see it in a particular way. This is Matt James. I’m not here to please them. I’m here to be the best version of myself, and it has little to do with my appearance, how I treat people, and the work I do in the community More relevant about the type of impact I have is about to leave. You will be involved in the appearance. A little shallow … I think it’s comical.So everyone wanted to be me, but I grew it [wanted to] Please do me “

As for what he wants to show to the world, he’s just planning to be himself, but it’s a slightly more interesting version. He joked. [audiences] You wouldn’t find it as boring as a bachelor’s degree! “

Dance with the stars It will premiere at ABC on Monday, September 20th at 8pm EST.

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Matt James is excited to play a “Bachelor’s Degree” on “DWTS”

Source link Matt James is excited to play a “Bachelor’s Degree” on “DWTS”

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