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Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in Lahaina, Hawaii has opened a new signature beachfront restaurant, Huihui, in honor of Hawaii’s guiding tradition. The 5,000-square-foot venue, which means “constellation” or “participation, mixing, mixing,” serves hotel guests and locals. Ka’anapali Beach Hotel Executive Chef Tom Muromoto, under the direction of Hoi Hui, serves traditional Hawaiian cuisine prepared with traditional recipes.

From microgreens and ur to venison, chicken and pelagic fish, Huihui’s menu represents Hawaiian cuisine both on land and in the sea. At the top of each menu is a special “ōlelonoʻeau” that introduces the inspiration and cohesiveness of each culinary collection and sets the tone for the upcoming dining experience.

Huihui’s specialty coffee blends are specially made by a nearby artisan roaster, Maui’Oma Coffee. Breakfast dishes include poi French toast and hikina bowl and cocoa pudding, granola, fresh niu (coconut) mya (banana) chunks, macadamia nuts with seasonal fruits and berries, or hoihui breakfast, chef Includes avocado toast with a twist Makawao avocado, kamanoromi (salted onion and tomato salmon), pickled ogo (seaweed), red onion and nyoi (Hawaiian anti-repepper) sauce, all homemade Served with a collection of fresh bread and pastries. At lunchtime, you can enjoy dishes such as Morokai Benison Burger, Poke Holokai, fresh opel (mackerel), papai (crab), and sailor pork with tobiko (roe), as well as fusion appetizers short rib bao and pepiao (tree). (Mushroom of the ear) is attached. Pork ribs.

For dinner, Huihui serves Pau Hana in the lounge, serving light meals alongside a collection of locally inspired cocktail restaurants such as Māmaki Old Fashioned, Lilikoʻi Mojito and Smoked Li Hing Margarita. The wine list includes a recommended menu combination for each bottle. For dinner, Muromoto’s special recipe for New York steak and chicken koala (barbecue), daily fresh prey in Rawal (wrapped in tee leaf and grilled), pork, chicken and cod steamed in laulau. Introducing traditional Hawaiian recipes such as Laulau. ‘au (Taro’s leaf). Desserts include poimarasada with homemade macadamia nut ice cream and banana bread ice cream sandwiches.

“Hui Hui symbolizes our dedication to Hawaii’s roots, as we aim to revitalize the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel with a warm and lasting soul,” said GM Mike White. “We welcome travelers and locals and enjoy a full-fledged Hawaiian dining experience with fascinating regional cuisine, stunning views of Kaanapali Beach, and designs inspired by many years of guiding traditions. is.”

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