Maui officials discover lone kiwikiu, critically endangered bird assumed dead – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-07-23 21:55:00 –

The discovery of the lonely Kiwi Kiu on Maui is believed to have died long after an attempt to establish a second population of endangered species failed.

The bird was found alive on Wednesday in the Nakra Nature Reserve on the leeward slopes of Haleakala, 20 months after it was estimated to have disappeared and died.

“It was a great moment to find this bird alive and doing very well,” said Zack Peziro of the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project. Peziro tells the story of finding a bird at today’s virtual press conference.

Using binoculars, Peziro can find a unique leg band for the bird, with the first male Kiwi Kiu captured for removal in the Hanawi Nature Reserve on the windward side of Haleakala in 2019. In a new home I knew it was a designated bird.

The October 2019 migration mission is part of a greater effort to establish Kiwi Kiu in newly restored forests, expand available habitats and prevent the extinction of potentially populous species. Seven wild kiwi kiu were released to Nakura from 150 people.

Within a few weeks, five of the seven wild transposed kiwi kiu died and were the surprising victims of malaria, a bird that reached higher than expected elevations. The other two were missing, but scientists thought they had fallen due to the same illness.

Hannah Mounce, coordinator of the Maui Forest Bird Restoration Project, said:

In a previous statement, Mounce called the discovery of species that conservationists may still have time to save as “a surprising sign of hope.”

“The survival rate from malaria is low across the species, with only one in seven surviving, so we need to tackle bird disease and mosquito control. This is in Kiwi Kiu and other native forests. It’s a sign of hope that the bird population can survive in the restored landscape in the future, especially without mosquitoes or disease, “she said.

However, officials said the finding was unlikely to change current plans to save birds. This includes capturing up to 30 Kiwi Kiu and transporting them to zoo facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Utah. In the wild.

Lainie Berry, a biologist at the State Forest and Wildlife Service, told the Land and Natural Resources Commission in April that the species would reach “functional extinction” by 2027, unless authorities take action.

Removing 30 birds from the wild population shortens the extinction timeline by an estimated three years, but Berry says that protecting part of the population from bird malaria is worth the risk. Said.

She called her a temporary move to the mainland until the Hawaiian site was safely released.

“We’ll carefully analyze why it led to the survival of No. 1, but it’s too early to say whether this will change our options for saving Kiwi Kiu,” Mounce said. “We thought we had lost all the birds that moved to malaria, but the survival of this bird gave us hope and encouragement. Before it was too late, this incredible May be able to save the seeds of. “

Maui officials discover lone kiwikiu, critically endangered bird assumed dead Source link Maui officials discover lone kiwikiu, critically endangered bird assumed dead

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