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From Estonia to Germany, Finland, Uzbekistan and Pakistan, the US Fulbright Program brings the world to the UNO and the UNO to the world.

This year, current students, recent graduates, and current faculty members have been selected as recipients of Fulbright scholarships or alternatives, respectively.

Each year, hundreds of individuals seeking to expand their knowledge through international efforts are selected to win the Fulbright Award. Thousands of people apply, but only a few recipients receive the funds.

In addition, this semester UNO is hosting a pair of Fulbright recipients. Two faculty members from Pakistan want to bring the knowledge they have learned back to the campus and community.



UNO faculty

Visiting professor

“The Fulbright Program really represents the best in terms of academic quality and social impact,” explained Dr. Lucy Morrison, director of the UNO’s National Scholarship and Fellowship Office. “It is no exaggeration to say that our students and our faculty are competing for these positions with applicants in formidable fields. The rigor, commitment, and motivation that each of these individuals has. Really noteworthy. “

Do you have questions about how to apply for Fulbright?Reach out to National Scholarship and Fellowship Office so

Jazzmin Cruz

situation: UNO Senior, Foreign Languages ​​and Literature

Jazzmin Cruz, who spent most of his life between Bellevue, Nevada and his hometown of Guam, made many trips, but his first chance to travel abroad was to serve as an English teaching assistant as part of the Fulbright Awards. Masu (ETA) in Germany.

“I’m already an exploratory research mentor and working at a writing center, so I have a point about what it would be like to be a teaching assistant,” she said. “I will also work with students to develop an art club as part of my contribution.”

Cruz, who graduated from two majors in English and German in May, said he always wanted to teach English in other countries. An essay she wrote in one of her German lessons put her in the right direction.

“I looked it up and it seemed difficult and I didn’t have what I needed, but the mentor continued to encourage me to apply,” she said.

Thanks to her mentor and support from the National Scholarship and Fellowship offices, Cruz will do more than just a few bucket list items. She says it may seem impossible, but it’s worth applying and finding them at UNO that can support you along the way.

“The worst thing that can happen is that you can’t get it, but you never know until you try.”

Ottilie Cooper-Ohm

Ottilie Cooper-Ohm

situation: Senior, IT innovation
destination: Uzbekistan

From Council Bluffs, Iowa to Central Asia, Ottile Cooper-Ohm wants to help educators use new technologies to do better. Still, as soon as she approached the end of her time at UNO, she knew something was missing.

“I still don’t have the actual teaching experience to comfortably tell teachers what to do,” she said. “I applied for Fulbright because I wanted to gain that experience in an education position where I could use the skills I already had.”

Cooper-Ohm, Walter Scott, Jr. Scholar and a member of Maverick Productions, chose Uzbekistan because he needed an English teacher specializing in the STEM field. It didn’t hurt her to speak Russian either.

While in Uzbekistan, Cooper Ohm wants her the opportunity to teach young women computer science. It’s her passion she said she cherishes from her heart.

“When I was in junior high school, I went to UNO’s Code Crush. It was a camp that taught girls about technology. It completely changed the course of my life.”

Cooper-Ohm provides her with campus resources such as UNO’s Intensive Language (ILUNO) program to help the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships support her application and gain classroom experience that she can point out in her application. I admit that I have tied it up.

Overall, she said, the biggest part of the advice she can give is to do your research, ask questions, and not worry about making some mistakes along the way.

“Fulbright doesn’t always want perfect applicants. They want people who are flexible and learn from their mistakes.”

Gram Peschel

Ghilman Peshul

situation: UNO Alumni
destination: Estonia

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Grahm Peschel has always wanted to travel the world.

While earning a degree in physical geography, which he graduated in August last year, Peschel was planning to study abroad in Norway, but the COVID shortened what meant a one-year stay. Now he has the opportunity to spend a year in Estonia as an ETA as an alternative. In other words, if the current award winner cannot go for some reason, he will go instead.

“After graduating, I was interested in applying for Fulbright when I was looking for an opportunity to return abroad for a long time and was able to become an integrated part of foreign cultures and communities,” Peschel said. Said.

Pechel, now a legal runner at Lincoln Law Firm, wants to pursue a career in environmental law. He said Estonia is a unique case study in the field.

“I chose Estonia because of the impressive shift from one of the world’s largest pollutants under Soviet control to one of the most environmentally friendly places on the planet. , Estonians are arguably one of the most vigilant, determined and hard-working people on the planet. “

Peschel said UNO would never be far from his heart, even if he was thousands of miles away, and he had already graduated.

“I attended a small private parochial school in Lincoln from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, so it was hard to believe in going to a new school that no one knew. But that was one of the best decisions in my life. It helped me grow as an individual. I am forever grateful for all the support I received at UNO. “

Christine Cutucache, Ph.D.

Christine Cutucache

situation: Director of STEM TRAIL Center of UNO

In May of this year, UNO STEM TRAIL Center Director and Academic Assessment and Planning Faculty Fellow Dr. Christine Cutuchace visited Finland to exchange knowledge and establish partnerships that benefit US and international participants, educational institutions and communities in various ways. To do. Of educational and training activities focused on educational outcomes.

“Finland’s educational achievements are routinely at the top of the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) scoreboard,” she said. “Similarly, from learning analytics to game-based education ventures, there are vast and innovative new companies focused on the concept of STEM. Sharing some of the research gained from UNO’s STEM program, the new We want to build collaboration and expand our learning thanks to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “

Unlike other Fulbright recipients, Cutucache spends less time abroad and is more focused. She travels in May this year and spends two weeks at the University of Eastern Finland before returning to UNO as part of the Fulbright Specialist Program.

Winners of this prestigious and competitive award are selected on the basis of academic and professional achievements, demonstrating the potential to promote leadership in the field and long-term cooperation between national and international institutions. I am.

Dr. Javed Iqbal


situation: Associate Professor of Economics
Former: Center for Earthquake Studies, Islamabad

Economic injustice is a true problem in the middle of the world, as it is here in the United States. However, it is the difference in interaction between the real estate industry and local and state governments that provides the opportunity to find solutions.

Javed Iqbal, an associate professor at the Center for Earthquake Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan, to study at UNO’s Omaha after a pre-visit under the University of Pakistan Linkage Program (PULP) through International Studies and Centers. I applied for Full Bright. Afghanistan research.

“The United States has a great experience in dealing with the problem of affordable housing. They have a vast mortgage program that promotes households of different income levels. Study the US housing sector. This may give you more access to US knowledge and information. I have experienced it for decades. The experience and knowledge I will encounter by engaging in postdoc research is me. It will be a good experience for us to use and apply to my country, Pakistan. “

Arriving in Omaha with his wife and children in November, Ikubal’s Fulbright experience was one of the first challenges, including securing housing and navigating children’s enrollment in school. But he says it’s an experience he says is rewarding not only for him but also for his family.

“People-to-people interaction encourages countries to have more opportunities to understand each other. I think this is a very good experience to improve other life skills. How can I go back in the future? I ask if I can come and expand this connection. “

Dr. Humaira Jami

Humaira Jami.jpg

situation: Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology
Former: Center for Earthquake Studies, Islamabad

Humaira Jami was unsuccessful in her first Fulbright application, but despite the pandemic, she was tenacious as she was able to overcome processing delays and flight restrictions to reach Omaha and begin work to help people. Was rewarded.

“My focus is on transgender health, which does not exist in Pakistan like the United States, so I would like to develop a program to train doctors in the area,” said Society with UNO teacher Jay Irwin. Jami, a doctor working in sociology and anthropology, said. “My advisors have been very helpful in building connections with various UNMC doctors, and faculty members from several other universities have also helped develop training modules. That’s what I like about the United States. Everyone is supportive. “

Like Ikubal, Jami is part of PULP and visited UNO in 2018. She also said that her friendliness helped secure the opportunity to do her research here, she should be able to do her by May, and she also proceeded with her research. Said it was helpful. She has begun offering online training to Pakistani medical students and aims to complete the training by July.

And even beyond what can be brought back to Pakistan, Jami knows she’s already influencing the locals by building a more connected world for her daughter.

“This experience challenges me. This experience also challenges me with my personal prejudices about America and stereotypes about Pakistan and our people,” she said. .. “When we get together, we can better understand each other.”

Maverick Excellence Shines Internationally With Fulbright Recognitions | News Source link Maverick Excellence Shines Internationally With Fulbright Recognitions | News

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