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Max Ehrich shared a new Instagram photo of himself smiling as FaceTiming with his supposed new love, Sonika Vaid, just days after sharing another PDA-filled photo with her.

Max Ehrich, 29, caught the eye of Demi Lovato fans when he decided to post another pic of his supposed new love, Sonika vaid, 25, less than a month after the end of her engagement to the 28-year-old singer. The actor shared a screenshot of what appeared to be a FaceTime call with the former American Idol competitor and inside, they were both smiling at each other while waving peace signs. He did not caption the post but it was clear he wanted all of his followers to know that he is continuing to chat with the brunette beauty!

Once the photo was posted, Max’s comments section was full of Demi’s supporters essentially calling her for apparently quickly leaving her old relationship. “Already in a relationship?” one subscriber wrote, while another called the message “embarrassing”. A third said, “Wack af lol you were just engaged to lmfao” and a fourth really asked, “Hey max, glad you were moving on but isn’t that too quick. How come you do not be [sic] wait to heal first?

Max hasn’t responded to any of the negative reactions yet, but his latest post comes five days after posting a photo of Sonika on his page, so he’s clearly not worried about what others think! The hunk posted a photo of the two walking as he put his arm around her and gave her a big smile on October 13, and received a similar reaction to his recent snap as well as a few words of support in the comments .

Max Ehrich hung out and chatted with former American Idol contestant Sonika Vaid after her split from Demi Lovato. (MEGA)

It might seem quick for Max to already hang out with someone new, but his breakup with Demi didn’t seem to be going well. He spoke on social media on September 26, two days after their split made headlines, and claimed he found their engagement ended “through a tabloid”. “Imagine finding out about your relationship status from a tabloid,” he wrote in a post on his Instagram. “While your [sic] in the middle of shooting a biopic film about a pastor in a Christian church whose intention of the film is to help people. God protects you”.

Demi and Max started dating in March and have often passed out publicly on social media. They spent a lot of time in quarantine together and the “Sorry Not Sorry” crooner even admitted that she “loved” him the first night she met him. “We started dating. We immediately went into quarantine … I was like, look, we’re quarantined together, ”she explained in an interview on SiriusXM. The Morning Mash Up in September “Uh, because I love you. So we started doing it.

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