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Meet Sara Bowen-Isaac, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management in May 2021. There are minors focused on tribal management and emergency services, criminology and criminal justice. Sarah has also obtained a certificate of tribal management and emergency services.

With a bachelor’s degree and a certificate, Sarah will apply for a job in the Seneca emergency management department.

Tell us about your experience in emergency management and tribal management and emergency service programs as a fully online student.

My experience was great. Even if the COVID hit and everyone in UNO needed to go completely online, the instructor was always available to tackle the topic they needed. I feel that everything I learned in a traditional classroom was learned online. I enjoyed getting my degree online, so I would recommend it to anyone.

What was the most beneficial to you about your degree in emergency management?

Obtaining a degree and certificate in emergency management has opened the door to more opportunities in the field of emergency management. This focus covered many topics, including the history of tribal emergency management and legal issues.

How Does Your Emergency Management Degree Benefit You In Your Career?

This degree will help my career by giving me the skills and knowledge needed to better understand the processes of the various phases of the emergency cycle. Having education and experience from being a paramedic prepared me for the career I chose.

What did you enjoy most about the emergency management program?

I really enjoyed working with the instructor! I was relieved to know that each of them has a wealth of knowledge and can be contacted at any time.

What was your favorite aspect of the emergency management program?

The emergency management program was great! From the beginning my adviser Lindsey Rice was there. I thought I had to wait until the fall semester to start the class, but I was planning to start next week. As I progressed through the class, she brought up a certificate program and I was very interested. She was a great part of my educational journey here at UNO. The faculty and staff were also wonderful. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or ask for further explanation on any subject. It didn’t really affect my course when the COVID hit and everyone who attended UNO had to go online. It was my instructor who adapted from doing it directly to going completely online. During this change, they were great and caught up with all the challenges and syllabus without missing a beat.

What was your favorite emergency management class and why?

None of the classes I preferred over the next. Each course I enrolled covered different areas of emergency management and provided amazing insights into different areas of emergency management.

What advice do you have for students considering the area of ​​emergency management?

My advice to anyone thinking of working in this area is just to choose it. In this area, you can use critical thinking skills to plan complex situations. As a result, it can be rewarding to know that we have helped the community survive and rebuild after a disaster.

Sarah also made a special cry for emergency management and disaster science.

Getting an instructor during the semester can be difficult, especially if the class is completely online. Throughout my trip at UNO, there were some staff and faculty members that were more than surprising to me. Dr. Thomas Jamison was easy to talk to, and when I asked a question, he took the time to explain and make sure I fully understood the topic. Jordan Zendejas is knowledgeable about the history of indigenous law and emergency management. Her class and information was easy to follow. Her recorded lectures were full of information that made me want to continue digging deeper into history. Lindsey Rice was the best adviser a college student could ask for. It didn’t matter what the question was or what was happening. She was always there, listening, providing guidance and help. She is a big part of my trip here in UNO and I am forever grateful to her.

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May 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Sara Bowen-Isaac | College of Public Affairs and Community Service Source link May 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Sara Bowen-Isaac | College of Public Affairs and Community Service

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