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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-19 18:02:37 –

Mayfield Village, Ohio (WJW) – A dramatic increase in drivers driving on the Interstate 271 at excessive speeds Mayfield Village Police suggesting the use of a photo enforcement program.

Commuters using the I-271 are aware of dangerous high-speed tendencies.

“I travel 271 on my way from Painesville to work, but the speed is ridiculous. People are blown away at 90,100 mph and rushing in and out of traffic,” Kelly Jones said. It was.

Mayfield Village Police Chief Paul Matthias said the I-271 ODOT traffic monitor doubled the number of speed violators over 85 mph between April 2019 and April 2021 before the pandemic. He said he made it clear. During rush hour, but it didn’t have the desired effect.

“The average speed ticket that our officers are currently writing at 271 is in the zone of 89 mph and 60 mph. Police officers on the side of the road with the lights on can be deterrent or slow down. No. It’s basically interpreted as “OK, someone is pulling so you can get back to normal speed,” Matthias said.

To curb speed limits, the Chief has asked the Mayfield Village Council to approve the use of handheld lasers and cameras to enforce speed limits. The program is managed by a private company that earns a reduction in income.

The offender will receive a quote by mail with a notice of the fine, which is a civil offense and the points will not be evaluated.

The same company has a contract with the village of Newberg Heights. Critics call its enforcement program on Interstate 77 “Speed ​​Trap: and” Grab Money. “

However, Matthias said the goal of Mayfield Village is to improve driver safety.

“Our hope is not to write these tickets. That is the ultimate goal here. When passing Mayfield Village on 271, if you are driving, 80 mph, 90 mph, We want people to understand that they know 100 miles, “says Matthias.

The program always faces the opposite, but drivers who deal with aggressive speeders every day on the highway support that effort.

“I’m fine with that, and I hope they catch the people doing this. It’s actually anxious and wrecked almost every day on the way to work,” Jones said.

The details of the photo enforcement program are still under consideration, according to Matthias, but could be implemented by this fall.

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