Mayor-Elect Rick Blangiardi announces cabinet appointees – Honolulu, Hawaii

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(Provided by Rick Blanchardi)

Honolulu (KHON2) — Mayor Rick Blanchardi announced key members of his core leadership team on Tuesday morning.

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Among the new appointments are Michael Formby as Managing Director, Danette Maruyama as Deputy Managing Director, and Andrew Kawano as Director of Budget and Financial Services.

“Like me, guide Oahu to these unprecedented challenges and help Oahu’s economy recover, prosper, grow and serve all Oahu’s families, businesses and communities. We promised to bring together a talented and experienced team. Mike, Danette and Andy bring expertise, innovation and passion to our team, “says Blanchardi.

As Managing Director, Michael Formby oversees all executive departments and agencies in the city, except for the corporate advisory office, which reports directly to the Mayor of Honolulu. According to Branjardi, Formby has a long history of public services at all levels of government and is well known for its ability to attract people across sectors to achieve its goals.

“I was humbled at this opportunity to return to public services,” Formby said. “We are confident that the dedication and effort of our team can bring meaningful results to the people of Oahu.”

Danette Maruyama, Deputy Managing Director, will work with Formby to oversee and guide executive departments and institutions. Maruyama brings more than 25 years of experience to the city in strategic planning, implementation of innovation and business development. Branjardi said her positive thinking and problem-solving thinking were in line with the new administration’s intended leadership approach.

Andrew Kawano, as Director of Budget and Financial Services, helps guide Oahu from the current recession that has deteriorated since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, in his extensive management, finance, budgeting and It is expected to apply the experience of financial planning.

Other major cabinet appointments announced by the mayoral election include:

  • Sarah Jane Allen as Director of Community Services
  • Nori Miyazaki as General Manager of Customer Service Department
  • Alexander (Alex) Koslov, Director of Design and Construction
  • Jerry Pupilo as Director of Enterprise Services
  • Wesley Yokoyama Environmental Services Manager
  • Mark Wong as Director of Information Technology
  • Scott Hayashi as Land Management Director
  • Laura Thiren as director of the park and recreation department
  • Dean Uchida, Director of Planning Permit
  • Roger Morton as Director of Transport Services
  • James Ireland as Honolulu Emergency Services Director
  • Mayor of Makana Nisara Secretary General of Culture and Arts Department
  • Lloyd U.S.-China as Secretary-General of Neighborhood Committee
  • Amy Aselbay as Executive Director of the Economic Revitalization Bureau
  • Matthew Gonzer, Executive Director of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience
  • Anton Cracky as Secretary General of the Housing Bureau
  • The Royal Hawaiian band, Clark Bright as a bandmaster
  • Masahiko Kobayashi Coroner, Coroner

Appointment of both a managing director and a director of budget and financial services requires confirmation by the city council.

Mayor-Elect Rick Blangiardi announces cabinet appointees Source link Mayor-Elect Rick Blangiardi announces cabinet appointees

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