Mayor Hancock vows to improve safety at Denver Union Station – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-12-03 22:28:21 –

Denver-Mayor Michael Hancock vowed to improve the worsening situation that plagues Denver Union Station in a statement released Friday.

The mayor’s statement was on the 2nd After the union president representing more than 2,000 RTD employees expressed anger and frustration Beyond the conditions in one of the town’s most important commercial areas.

“It’s a hole in hell.” Yes, “Lancelot Genbon, chairman of Amalgamate Transit Union, Local 1001, told Denver 7 Wednesday. Not safe for employees. It’s getting worse. “

In response, Mayor Hancock instructed the city’s public security bureau chief and chief of staff to meet with RTD managers and unions on Friday, and sent senior city officials to the area to “state the situation.” Evaluate and report to me. ” “

“Illegal substance use, public urination, and continued unsafe wandering should not be allowed,” Hancock said in a statement. “Union Station is an important public transport and commercial space, and we double our efforts to ensure that it is clean and safe for everyone who enjoys using it.”

According to Hancock, Denver police chief Paul Pazen will immediately increase police patrols at Denver Union Station to deal with illegal and dangerous behavior within the terminal.

A memo from RTD entitled “Strategy to Address Unwanted Activities at Denver Union Station” addresses current safety concerns such as substance use, drug trafficking, vandalism, clutter, and violence. Details the steps taken by RTD.

As part of these efforts, RTD will partner with the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration to place a special team in the Union Station area. The team consists of 3 to 7 members and traffic police officers who patrol with them. Teams are displayed during the daytime hours until the end of the year.

Agency Transit police officers are also paired in teams of two or four and work seven days a week in the Union Station area.

In addition, RTD works with a non-profit organization called Guardian Angels, which is made up of unarmed volunteers. Volunteers will begin patrols in early December, focusing on Union Station and its surrounding areas, as well as routes along the Mall Ride shuttle and Corfax Corridor on 16th Avenue.

Mayor Hancock vows to improve safety at Denver Union Station Source link Mayor Hancock vows to improve safety at Denver Union Station

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