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In the face of soaring home prices and limited inventories, the outlook for home ownership or affordable rentals has been a major struggle for many families across the United States, including Tampa. Increasing access to affordable homes is for Mayor Jane Castor, who pursued a multifaceted agenda to create a path that would facilitate the creation of 10,000 affordable units across Tampa by 2027. This is a top priority.

On Wednesday, Mayor Caster provided updates on the status of this ongoing effort, indicating that the city has allowed the addition of just under 6,000 units so far, all planned, completed, or currently under construction. rice field.

“We have made concrete progress in achieving our affordable housing goals, but none of us, including my administration, the city council, the development community, and the non-profit sector, can give up. ” Mayor Caster said. “There is a lot of work in front of us and many ambitious plans and projects are about to begin. That’s why diversity makes Tampa special, and many of the residents live here. If you can’t afford it, you can’t protect your diversity and unique personality. “

To achieve its ambitious goals, the city follows a multifaceted approach that includes a series of programs and initiatives. Through the “DARE to Own the Dream” homeownership program, in fiscal year 2021 alone, the city provided more than $ 1 million to homebuyers for the first time in support of down payments and closure costs. At the same time, about the same amount was distributed to existing homeowners through a homeowner rehabilitation program. They had to repair their home.

Integrating and encouraging private companies to participate in the construction of affordable homes also plays an important role in achieving the city’s goals.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, LEMA Construction became the first private developer in Tampa’s history, led by Jonathan Stanton, to take advantage of the city’s bonus-density, affordable housing incentive program. The program has been around for several years, but when Mayor Caster took office, he encouraged and energized the team to proactively offer to developers who may not be aware of its existence.

Under this incentive program, LEMA Construction is S. We have promised to provide a pre-determined number of affordable residential units for future development on 56th Street and East Washington Street.

Of the 232 projected homes, 24 must be reserved for income-qualified lessors.

Without an incentive program, zoning requirements limited LEMA construction to up to 199 housing units, and none were reserved for affordable housing.

“LEMAConstruction did the math and quickly realized that this was a compelling offer to maximize space while making a positive difference to the community.” Mayor Jane Castor said.. “I commend Mr. Stanton for partnering with the city of Tampa for an affordable effort in our homes and encourage other developers to join us. We look forward to Tampa’s tomorrow. It’s changing step by step, and this bonus deal is a historic step in that direction. “

Partnering with small developers who may never have done business with the city, especially those owned by minorities, is another important approach.

This month, Phase 2 of the Infill Housing Program began, with 11 local minority developers awarded free vacant lots in parts of Eversity, East Tampa and Sulfur Springs. As part of this negotiation, developers will build affordable neighborhood homes for income-bearing families.

“This program serves a wide range of purposes other than making regular money and building a house.” Darrick Fullwood, owner of AAA Restoration and Builders LLC, said. “It’s important to me to be part of something like this in my hometown, in the community I grew up in.”

The city of Tampa has a practical, effective and sustainable approach to creating and protecting affordable homes, and the promised goals for its inhabitants are imminent.

Mayor Jane Castor Gives Update on Housing Affordability Progress Source link Mayor Jane Castor Gives Update on Housing Affordability Progress

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