Mayor Janey and Boston Fire Commissioner Dempsey cut ribbon on new Firehouse – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-10-25 15:01:38 –

As the new fire department in Boston for the first time in 30 years, the city has invested $ 23.5 million in Roxbury’s Engine 42, Rescue 2, and District 9 buildings.

Mayor Kim Janny, Director John Dempsey, and Boston Fire Department firefighters today celebrated the ribbon cut of the first new fire department built in Boston for over 30 years. The construction of Roxbury’s Engine 42, Rescue 2, and District 9 Fire Department is a $ 23.5 million investment in the city’s community and emergency services. The Boston City Public Facilities Department (PFD) worked closely with the Boston Fire Department (BFD) to work closely with Dore & Whittier Architects and Boston Building and Bridge on design and construction. The design focuses on both neighborhood emergency response and firefighter health and wellness.

“We are honored to be part of bringing this community a new fire department for the first time in 30 years. This building represents a significant investment in important neighborhood services. Emergency response personnel are at the highest level of health and safety measures. It’s worthy and we’re proud that this new building takes their well-being into account, “said Janey. “I look forward to the fire department functioning for many years as a place for firefighters to live, train and bravely serve Roxbury and the inhabitants of the city as a whole.”

The new fire department’s priority is the health and safety of Boston Fire Department firefighters. As part of the design and construction, the building minimizes the movement of particulate pollutants into the building’s living quarters. The new building will be divided into three zones (hot, warm and cold) to prevent carcinogens from circulating throughout the house.

The completed Engine 42, Rescue 2, and District 9 fire departments include:

  • Three expanded device bays allow more BFD tactical rescue devices to be accommodated in place
  • 25-seat training room. Instead of training on Moon Island, BFD allows tactical rescue companies to keep up-to-date with up-to-date training and bring them closer to home.
  • Rooftop training decks, confined space training stanchions, and training staircase towers allow you to simulate on-site training exercises.
  • Fitness room that promotes wellness
  • 14 bunk beds to accommodate two companies
  • LEED Silver Energy efficient building designed to meet your requirements
  • Solar compatible white roof
  • High efficiency mechanical system, LED lighting

In addition, the city of Boston Artists creating long-term public artwork Engine 42 To complement the construction of the fire department. This project Percentage of city art programs, Entrust 1% of the city’s capital borrowing for the creation of public art. The Engine 42 artwork will be a site-specific, impactful focal design feature aimed at enhancing the connection between the Boston Fire Department and the surrounding Egreston and Roxbury communities.

The FY22-26 capital plan includes other health and safety improvements to the fire department project as a result of recent programming. Since 2016, the fire department has worked with the public facilities sector to study fire department design best practices. Major design changes include defined zones within the fire department to prevent contamination of residential areas, and improved personal and gear cleaning equipment. The results of this plan are reflected in a project to replace the Roxbury engine 42 and Dochester engine 17 fire departments with a total investment of $ 48 million. The South End Engine 3 and Huntington Avenue Engine 37 fire departments will also be replaced.

The 2.5-story building is 23,000 sq ft and will replace the previous one-story 6,400 sq ft fire station, which opened in 1952. As the fire department was under construction, work was reassigned to 121 Armory Street, 0.2 miles from the fire department.

Mayor Janey and Boston Fire Commissioner Dempsey cut ribbon on new Firehouse Source link Mayor Janey and Boston Fire Commissioner Dempsey cut ribbon on new Firehouse

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