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Boston-Tuesday, May 4, 2021-Based on our commitment to environmental justice and public health protection, we are today the advocate of Rev. Mariama Whitehammond and Green Roots, Head of Environmental, Energy and Open Space. Mayor Janny urges Eversource to justify or cancel the proposed substation in East Boston.

“As Mayor of Boston, I’m not silent when the people of East Boston are screaming,” said Mayor Jenny. “In my view, substation plans are based on flawed forecasts and flawed priorities. I tell Eversource to prioritize environmental fairness and the well-being of East Boston residents over profits. I strongly request. “

In February 2021, the Massachusetts Energy Facility Location Commission finalized the substation near Chelsea Creek in East Boston. Eversource Energy made its first proposal in 2013, stating that facilities are needed to support the capacity of Chelsea substations. Eversource’s initial estimates of projected energy demand have not been met and no new adjusted data have been published. Community members have expressed opposition to the proposal because of concerns about public security and environmental justice.

“Environmental justice says we need to ask difficult questions about who is required to bear the burden and who will benefit,” said Mariama Whitehammond, Head of Environment, Energy and Open Space. Stated. “I work with the mayor and residents of East Boston to protect residents who are already experiencing a lot of burden. In addition to asking if this facility is really needed, this facility is ours. We need to understand if it is in line with the very realistic changes that are taking place on the planet. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to ensure the environmental justice of all Boston residents. “

East Boston is considered a state designated by the Environmental Justice Community. 64% of community members are of color and 54% of the community are immigrants.. The region faces a variety of environmental hazards, including noise and air pollution from Logan International Airport, traffic congestion, fuel storage, manufacturing processes along Chelsea Creek, and road salt and sand storage along Chelsea Creek. I am. The proposed location of the substation is adjacent to the city yard, a highly utilized public park where children play, which can lead to potential safety issues. Climate change and rapid sea level rise exacerbate the potential danger of having a substation on the waterfront. Quoting this substation in an environmental justice community that is already facing some environmental hazards is unsafe, coupled with exposure to children and the risk of flooding.

“The East Boston family has experienced a lot over the past year,” said Noemy Rodriguez of GreenRoots. “We hope our park will continue to be an environmentally safe and cozy space for our children. This substation had to be located elsewhere. “

Last week, Boston began accepting new applications, expanding Mayor Jenny’s efforts to reduce environmental justice and air pollution. Community Clean Air Grant program.Funded through Air Pollution Control CommitteeThe city seeks to support community-led proposals from residents, nonprofits, and businesses on projects that create meaningful and measurable steps to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and air pollution. .. There are three rounds of funding throughout the year for projects that contribute to the city of Boston. 2019 Climate Action Plan UpdateExplains in detail the concrete actions the city has taken to significantly reduce emissions in all sectors over the past five years to reach Boston’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. I am. The City of Boston will accept applications until Friday, June 4th.

Mayor Jenny’s administration is aware of and addressing the risks of climate change and is taking steps to protect Boston’s urban ecosystem. Last month, Mayor Jenny proposed the following investments for environmental resilience and climate justice in the 2022-2026 capital plan. Suggestion:

  • $ 48 million for Phases 2 and 3 of the Renew Boston Trust. It aims to identify opportunities for energy renovation projects in city-owned buildings to realize future energy savings.
  • $ 5 million for the Climate Ready Boston Harbor study to support the development of studies investigating the feasibility of measures along and within Boston Harbor to mitigate coastal flood vulnerability due to rising sea levels due to climate change.
  • $ 20 million to design and implement a distinctive climate-resistant waterfront park along the Fort Point channel.
  • $ 1.7 million annually for an ongoing street tree planting program throughout the city
  • $ 1.8 Million to Repair Dochester Park Path
  • $ 7.5 Million to Repaving Back Bay Fens Routes to Improve Accessibility and Site Condition
  • $ 15.5 million to complete the redesign of the Copley Square park to optimize resilience to heavy traffic events and stormwater
  • $ 9.4 million to redesign and build a new Malcolm X Park through the city’s first fair procurement pilot program

As shown in the 2019 Climate Action Plan update, the city of Boston is taking action to reduce carbon emissions and reverse the effects of climate change. Between 2005 and 2016, the amount of carbon pollution emitted by city operations 18% reduction..This year the city announced $ 11 Million Complete with Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Upgrades to 14 City HallsIt saves $ 680,000 and saves 1 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. During February Community Choice Electric We have begun to provide more affordable and renewable electricity to over 200,000 residential and commercial customers.To provide high quality, safe, clean and affordable housing to the most vulnerable resident, Boston Recently awarded $ 34 million to support the creation of 608 new units built to zero emission standards... Climate Lady Boston Simultaneously strengthen Boston’s climate change resilience and adaptation, while developing short-term and long-term plans through neighborhood-level involvement and solutions.

For more information on how Boston is proactively prepared for the effects of climate change and driving its vision of a resilient city, visit:


Contact department: Mayor’s office

release date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021-4:18 pm

Mayor Janey calls on Eversource to cancel the proposed substation in East Boston Source link Mayor Janey calls on Eversource to cancel the proposed substation in East Boston

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