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Mayor Jones among 10 other U.S. mayors commit to pay reparations | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-06-20 08:15:00 –

Sacramento, California (AP) — 11 US mayors from Los Angeles to the small Tallahassee in Oklahoma — said their purpose was to set an example for the federal government, a small black resident of their city. I promised the group to pay compensation for slavery. Government on how national programs work.

The mayor did not have details about how much it would cost, who would pay it, or how people would be chosen. All of these details are resolved with the help of a local committee of representatives of black-led organizations established to advise the mayors of each city. But the mayor says they promise to pay compensation rather than just talking about them.

“Black Americans don’t need another study sitting on the ledge,” said Tishaura Jones, Mayor of St. Louis, the city’s first black female mayor, and members of the group. “We need decisive action to address the racial wealth gap that is blocking communities across the country.”

This effort began when Juneteenth, the end of slavery in the United States, became a federal holiday. President Joe Biden signed a bill passed by Congress on Thursday, setting June 16 or 19 as a holiday.

Slavery officially ended in the United States in 1865, and the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted. However, the impact is far longer than that, contributing to the wealth and health inequalities between the white and black populations.

Since 1989, Congressmen have submitted bills to form a committee to study and develop reparations in the United States. But that was never the case. Last year, California became the first state to establish its own compensation committee. The group held its first meeting earlier this month.

Friday’s announcement shows the city’s greatest effort to pay reparations to date, but it’s not the first.San Francisco Supervisory Board Vote in March Appoints an African-American Compensation Advisory Board of 15 members. That same month, the Evanston City Council of Illinois Voted to pay $ 400,000 Part of a pledge to spend $ 10 million over the next 10 years on eligible black households. Qualified households will earn $ 25,000 to use for home repairs, down payments, and more.

Last year, the city council of Asheville, North Carolina said Voted to approve compensation In the form of investment in areas of disparity among black residents.

This group of dubbed mayors Mayor organized for compensation and impartiality (MORE) is headed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. According to the group’s website, the goal they have stated is that these compensation programs “serve attention as a demonstration of how countries can move more quickly from conversations to action on African-American compensation.” is.

“I want to be clear, cities will never have the money to pay their own reparations,” Garsetti said at a press conference on Friday to announce the group. “We know that we can also stimulate national action when we show that urban laboratories have much more to accept than fear.”

It resembles the purpose of Another group of mayors Those who have tried a guaranteed income program in which a small group of low-income earners receive monthly cash payments and there are no restrictions on how they spend. The first such program was founded in Stockton, California by former Mayor Michael Tubbs, who is listed as an “honorary member” of the compensation group.

The other mayor is Jorge Errolza of Providence, Rhode Island. Steve Adler in Austin, Texas. Steve Schuwell in Durham, NC: Esther Manheimer in Asheville, NC: Quinton Lucas in Kansas City. Darrell Steinberg in Sacramento, California. Melvin Carter in St. Paul, Minnesota. Keisha Karin in Tallahassee, Oklahoma.

Tallahassee, a small town in northeastern Oklahoma with a population of less than 200, is the oldest surviving all-black town in the state, founded after the United States abolished slavery. Many of the first blacks to live there were enslaved by Native American tribes who formed an alliance with the Confederates during the Civil War.

“Slavery has played a big role in my family and my community,” Karin said. “This program shows our community what we care about.”

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Mayor Jones among 10 other U.S. mayors commit to pay reparations | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Mayor Jones among 10 other U.S. mayors commit to pay reparations | St. Louis News Headlines

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