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Mayor Kim Janey will hold a press conference on Wednesday to announce the next steps for the Boston School Commission and provide the latest information on COVID-19.

She will speak from Boston City Hall at 3:30 pm.

Jenny’s announcement is coming They shared a derogatory family of students after two members, including the chairman of the Boston School Commission, resigned last week in criticism of racist texts...

The text was sent during a committee meeting last October as the board was considering a proposal to temporarily withdraw the requirements for admission to the city’s exam school.

“The best school committee meeting ever. I try not to cry,” school committee chairman Alexandra Oliver Davila sent a text message to committee member Lorna Rivera. It was. Boston Globe..

Boston Public School

Alexandra Oliver-Davira

“Wait until the white racists start yelling at us,” Rivera sent back a text message. “Anything. They are delusional,” Oliver Davila sent a text message. “I hate WR,” she sent a text message to Rivera again.

“I’m sick of West Highland White,” Rivera replied. “Me too. I really feel like saying that,” Oliver-Davira sent a text message.

In her resignation, Oliver Davila apologized for the text and the wounds they caused.

“I regret my personal text, which was inappropriate,” she wrote. “But I’m not ashamed of the feelings from history that made me write those words.”

Oliver Davira commented in the context of her personal history growing up in the city she said she faced the physical threat of exile, teasing, spitting and violence, called racial slur. I threw it.

During the meeting, Oliver Davila said she felt carried by her youth as members of the public testified that they were sometimes racist.

“It was a pain. And in the heat of the moment, it diverged me by sending an inappropriate personal text message to one of my colleagues. Unfortunately, others I allowed myself to do what I did. I failed my standards, “she said.

Rivera didn’t mention the text in her resignation, but wrote about receiving “racist threatening emails and personal attacks on social media” from those who opposed the change in high school admission policy.

“I’m targeted as a Latin gender studies professor who teaches racism, patriarchy, and oppression,” she writes. “My mental and physical health has deteriorated due to harassment and overwhelming stress from school board-related work, so I need to resign and recover.”

In a written statement last week, Jenny said the text was “an unfortunate and unjustly despised member of the Boston public school community.”

However, Jenny continued to praise Oliver Davila and Rivera as “the committee’s devoted steward and passionate advocate for the Boston family.”

“As a colored woman advocating for racial equality in our school, I also found that their comments were the result of horrific, aggressive and painful murder threats and unacceptable racist attacks. I understand what was done as, “Jenny writes. “Sadly, their resignation also leaves a gap in Latina’s leadership on our school committee, which I am determined to work on.”

Oliver Davila is the second school committee chairman to resign in Boston within a year.

In October last year, former chairman Michael Loconto resigned after appearing to mock the Asian name during a virtual meeting.

After a list of predominantly Asian names rattled at the Virtual Boston School Committee meeting Wednesday night, President Michael Locomte was found to mock them. He resigned by Thursday morning.

The meeting was the same gathering that Oliver Davila and Rivera exchanged texts leading to Oliver Davira’s resignation.

Locomte made a comment after reading the names of several parents he wanted to talk to. He apologized during the meeting and later tweeted the apology.

Mayor Kim Janey to Announce Next Steps for Boston School Committee – NECN Source link Mayor Kim Janey to Announce Next Steps for Boston School Committee – NECN

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