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Mayor Long Beach promises initiatives to address city state health, economy and racism – Press Telegram – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-01-12 22:29:21 –

Residents of Long Beach will be weeks, months, and years ahead of the convention center’s coronavirus mass vaccination site, a guaranteed income program for low-income college students, a $ 15 million tenant support program, and citizens. Police Complaint Committee.

These were one of the major announcements made by Mayor Robert Garcia in his annual New York City speech on Tuesday, January 12, effectively for a pandemic.

Despite Garcia’s emphasis on the strength and resilience that Long Beach showed last year in the worst health and economic crisis of the century, his speech focused on work that still needs to be done. ..

“Long Beach will be rebuilt, grown and will continue to be the best city in the world, but it’s never the same,” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic and the nearly 500 people who died as a result were looming over the entire address.

“This year was the most difficult year of my life, both personally and professionally,” he said, saying that the loss of mother and stepfather due to the coronavirus “became more catastrophic.”

“But this is about losses,” Garcia added. “It’s a pain, but it can make you stronger. I’ve never been so determined or confident in overcoming this crisis and leading the city.”

And part of overcoming the crisis and leading the city involved opening the Long Beach Convention Center as a mass vaccination site, he said. There, grocery and food distribution workers will be vaccinated starting next week.

But the pandemic has not only affected public health. Garcia said the closure of businesses needed to stop the further spread of the virus had “painful” effects on workers and business owners.

To address this, he said, Long Beach workers could expect more direct bailouts from the city, thanks to another expected stimulus from the upcoming Biden administration. Garcia said he plans to launch similar pilots to provide income to low-income students at Long Beach City College and Long Beach, California, in addition to the ongoing guaranteed income pilot program.

Long Beach has already provided financial assistance to tenants struggling to pay rent due to the pandemic and its economic impact, while Garcia has a new $ 15 million funded by a new federal stimulus. A package that states that it will propose a tenant support program.

“This new program will help renters catch up with rent and avoid mass evictions throughout our city,” he said. “This is the single largest tenant support program we have ever launched in the history of the city, and it is necessary.”

But the crisis that Long Beach faced last year wasn’t just caused by the coronavirus. During the summer, the city, like other cities across the country, faced protests and calls to deal with systematic racism and inequality.

“First, we must admit that structural racism exists in all institutions,” Garcia said. “In police, education, workplace, and health care.”

But he added, “words alone cannot deal with racial injustice.”

Therefore, to reform the Civil Police Complaints Commission, which was fired due to limited ability to hold police officers accountable, to address and correct structural racism in Long Beach, especially police stations. Voting initiative is required. We will transfer it to voters in 2022, “Garcia said.

“We must be aware of the harm of systemic injustice, and it is the job of our generation to correct these mistakes,” he added.

But even though Garcia pointed out many hurdles that Long Beach still has to overcome, the tenacity of the city through pandemics so far has said he is optimistic about what will happen in the future. ..

“These challenges required us to lead with compassion and a sense of justice,” Garcia said. “Now we are proud that our city has worked hard to do the right thing. We prioritize public health, follow science and help the most vulnerable populations.

“Our response to this crisis and our heroic workers who continue despite this challenge have made it clear,” he added. “The condition of our city is strong.”

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