Mayor Michelle Wu Proposes New Pilot Program To Advance Equity in Procurement – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 2021-12-01 15:07:10 –

The Protected Markets program allows the city of Boston to specify specific contracts for procurement from minority and female-owned businesses.

Mayor Michelle Wu today submitted an order to the City Council to create shares in the Procurement Pilot Program until June 30, 2022. This order allows the City of Boston to specify up to six city contracts for procurement from minority and female-owned businesses. , Known as a protected market program. This order is part of a larger initiative to direct urban resources to diverse local businesses that are essential to expand wealth-building opportunities and support the ability to compete for city contracts.

In 2020, the city of Boston Parallax study This shows that only 1.2% of the city’s $ 2.1 billion contracts for construction and professional goods and services are directed to companies owned by black and Latin companies.

Pilots will be conducted in close cooperation with the City Council, the Government and Finance Cabinet, the Fair and Inclusion Cabinet, and the New Economic Opportunities and Inclusion Cabinet, with the City of Boston and contract partners historic inequality in Boston’s procurement process.

“Based on work at the city hall, create specific opportunities for black and brown businesses to contract to ensure that public funds build wealth in the community and close the racial wealth gap. I am excited to apply for a pilot program with the city, “said Mayor Michel Wu. “As we recover from the pandemic, the city of Boston spends every dollar to make our city a place for everyone.”

“This pilot program presents an important opportunity for the city to align its spending with addressing historical disparities,” said former mayor Kim Janny. “This will increase the number of city contracts with women-owned and minority-owned businesses, while at the same time building a more equitable economy for all residents.”

“The Protected Market Pilot Program is an important milestone in the city’s efforts to connect diverse suppliers to wealth-building opportunities and reduce historical inequality in the procurement process,” said the next economic opportunity and inclusion. Said Segun Idowu, who is responsible for. “To Mayor Wu, who prioritized this issue in the first 100 days, to the Mayor’s Executive and Finance Department, who made tireless efforts to shape order, to the economic opportunity and inclusion, equity, legal and policy teams. Thank you. For this program, it will help to advance the fairness of city contracts immediately. “

“The 2020 inequality survey shows that companies owned by women and people have historically been excluded from city contracts. The program has given these companies a prime contractor in Boston. It provides an opportunity to compete and helps ensure that Boston’s resources are used fairly throughout our community, “said Serena Barrios Milner, Head of Equity and Inclusion.

“This is a step in the right direction,” said Grinroid, executive director of the Business Equity Foundation. “Based on the differences in spending on minority companies, we look forward to the new administration’s full commitment to level the competition.”

Betty Francisco, CEO of the Boston Impact Initiative and co-founder of Amplify Latinx, said: “This protected market program is one of many tools the city can use to promote equitable access to contracts that generate employment and growth for minority and female-owned businesses.”

Justin Sterit, CFO and Chief Procurement Officer, said: “The challenges surrounding procurement are complex and require the use of all available tools to fill permanent gaps and inequality in city contracts. This protected market program improves the procurement process. And based on a series of reforms and council orders to increase new and diverse opportunities, under the leadership of Mayor Wu, we are free to use any tool and the addition of this protected market program It’s a big step. ”

This order builds on Mayor Wu’s long-standing commitment to demand a fair city contract and close the racial wealth gap. In 2016, it was presided over by then-Councilor Wu and then-time Councilor Ayanna Pressley. City council hearing We considered the city’s procurement process and efforts to support local businesses. In 2017, Mayor Wu and Senator Presley Ordinance Therefore, the city needed to collect more data about the contract.Mayor Kure Breakthrough regulations As a result, the city of Boston needed to change its food procurement practices to meet certain standards of racial equality, fair wages for workers, environmental sustainability and nutrition.

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