Mayor, Police Chief, address reckless driving at Roosevelt Middle School – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-17 12:18:46 –

Milwaukee-Mayor of Milwaukee Cavalier Johnson and Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department Jeffrey Norman convey the message of their reckless driving to some of the youngest of us.

With the addition of the Milwaukee Public School administrator, the duo addressed sixth-grade students who wrote to the mayor’s office a letter providing a solution to the city’s reckless driving problem as part of the school’s mission.

After a series of short speeches, the group answered questions from students, from plans to reckless driving and school safety, to how to improve morning routines and school meals.

“I’m concerned about reckless driving and gun violence, and how it affects children,” Johnson said. “I’m glad you took the time to write the letter. I’m looking forward to discussing them.”

Johnson describes having a wife and three young children: It is now possible for someone to get out and walk around the blocks without having to get in a car and drive on the sidewalk. “

According to Milwaukee police data, there were more than 3,100 car thefts this year, with 129 cars stolen by jacks.

As he did in the past, Chief Norman begged people who knew who were committing crimes to report what they knew.

“You have a voice, and use that voice to become part of the community,” Norman said. “Whether it’s reckless driving or part of the violence seen in this city, we know the individuals involved in those types of behavior, and you have a voice that redirects those behaviors. I’m waiting.”

In recent months, and back to last year, city leaders and the Milwaukee police station say they have taken steps to combat the reckless driving epidemic. In March 2021, the Milwaukee Police Station Traffic safety unit.. Since the unit’s launch, MPD has issued more than 24,000 tickets, of which more than 13,000 have been issued to speed up.The city was also recently licensed MPD towing a reckless driver’s vehicle In some cases.

Violent crimes injured 21 people in three separate shootings in downtown Milwaukee on Friday night. To date, more than 80 murders have been reported in Milwaukee, and the murder rate in Milwaukee has been at a record-breaking pace for the third consecutive year.

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