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Mayor Quinton Lucas, homeless union inch closer to solutions – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-04-07 23:25:45 –

Kansas City, Missouri — The organizer of a homeless camp in Kansas City, Missouri said city leaders are working on solutions, but nearby business owners are wondering if those solutions will come soon enough. Concerned.

Kyle Jensen owns a method chiropractic across the street Westport camp.. 41 When Action News first told Jensen about the camp a few weeks ago, he had no problems.

Now he said he not only dealt with the invasion, but also dealt with people who defecated near the building and blocked the emergency stairs with temporary tents.

He is worried that he may not have a plan for the current situation.

“We had no problems with the timeline until we had to deal with the collateral damage and the frustration that came with it,” Jensen said Wednesday.

Jensen and other companies have said they would like to invite city leaders, including Mayor Quinton Lucas, to discuss their implications.

But this week, Lucas I meet every day With the people of the camp.

“I see progress. I feel progress. That’s why I was there,” said James “Kadafi” Shelby, leader of the KC Homeless Union. tomorrow. Don’t come to come “

The mayor I’m trying to introduce a solution To make it easier for people who are homeless to get a job in a construction project or other workplace.

“We continue to work with developers who exclusively provide housing to people who are less than 30% of the region’s median income, or less than $ 400 a month,” Lucas said.

His office is also trying to step up the city’s efforts to provide hotel space for at least 90 days.

“In the long run, I don’t think execution alone will be your answer,” Lucas said. “I absolutely disagree with taking such action, but what I mean is, let’s actually try to make sure it’s fixing the underlying problem.”

People staying in the camp are optimistic about progress.

“I think it’s the beginning,” said Amy, who has no home. “I’m just. I’m worried that it will fall, as there is a deadline, and I’ll be back on the same boat soon.”

She arrived at the City Hall camp after the Warming Center in Bartle Hall Closed last month..

Unlike the warming center, access to camp facilities is difficult.

“It might get a little worse because we don’t have a place to walk around and use the toilet. We don’t have a place to wash our hands,” Amy said.

The organizers said there is one temporary toilet at Ils Davis Park for dozens of people staying in the city hall camp. They want to see more to mitigate complaints.

“I don’t think this is sustainable,” Lucas said. “I don’t think this is as safe as it needs to be, but I think there is work that needs to be done in the long run to ensure that it is achieved.”

At city hall camps and Westport camps, there are no immediate plans to pack up and leave.

“You can’t do this forever,” Kadafi said. “But we’ve come here as a political tactic to help bring about policy and change, and it’s down. I’m not claiming victory, because nothing has happened yet. “

The mayor and union leaders are expected to meet again Thursday morning.

Mayor Quinton Lucas, homeless union inch closer to solutions Source link Mayor Quinton Lucas, homeless union inch closer to solutions

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